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Pig plague and Twitter: The terrifying truth



Mad cow diesease didnt kill me, Bird flu didnt kill me, SARS didnt kill me, Quite frankly im dissapointed in the severity of outbreaks these days. bring back the plague i say

Google boffins unveil 'What's Up?' CAPTCHA


Unless im being incredibly thick.

..C is a bit tricky?

Last call for UK liberties


@ Sarah

I agree, its getting a bit out of date.

how does "Welcome to City 17" sound? :D

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog


I presume..

...that they`ll be taking exchange rates into account so that our euro friends wont be getting away with paying less for this "privilidge"

joke alert incase anyone attempts to take me seriously :)

Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment



Pretty harsh sacking her because she said it was "boring", its not like she said it was "the worst job ever, everyone that works here is a prick and i hope the building burns to the ground with them in it".

UK kids presenter gets online support


A Grip, get one

You mean they might actually have to do some parenting rather than sitting their spawn infront of the idiot box and waddling off to annoy someone else?

as the internet so eloquently puts it : OH NOES

Hurlable 360° cam-grenades used by IDF in Gaza


The penny drops

OOOOOH, I-ball = "eyeball".

that took me way too long to get, damn apple :(

Cows can't detect earthquakes: Official


I hope

..They didnt Steak any money on it....

mines the one being pelted with eggs

US lawmaker wants health warnings on video games


@ Andy

Roll on the Daily Mail`s "BAN THIS SICK BREAD" campaign =D

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

Thumb Up


Glad someone mentioned EvE, nothing says harsh penalty for death like you cruiser being blown to shit and you were too cheap to insure it =D

Fly-tipping yes, dog poo no - Jacqui promises Ripa changes

Thumb Down

Taking under 10`s off the database

No jaqui, it doesnt work like that, the european union supreme overlord council or whatever they`re calling themselves these days demanded ALL innocent people get removed from it.

mabey she should spend some of our taxes on reading lessons rather than putting her fingers in her eyes, closing her eyes and pretending its not happening, la la la la

Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag

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Clarkson re-runs?

Better than most of the shite on TV these days :)

DARPA orders 'fridge-sized' laser energy cannon


@ Ratfox

Doesnt the F-22 run out of ammo for its machine gun in something stupid like a few seconds? or was that a wikimyth :)

007 Warhead screenplay sold for £46K


Robot sharks?!

Possibly with frickin laser beams on their heads?

Broadband speed testers fail the test

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+1 for VM

16mbps in the evenings, also bittorrent is hardly a good example of a speedtest really is it? Guess im just lucky then =P

Violent video games <coin flip> ARE linked to child aggression


Lazy parenting again

Ah, cant be bothered to bring your kids up properly? Blame something else?

my parents taught me common effing sense, and how to tell right from wrong (on a basic level, no ethic debates please =P) meaning i can play GTA4, Postal 2, manhunt etc without going "HUR HUR I CAN STEAL CARS N SHIT YO" and getting killed

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