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UK footie fans furious as Sky Broadband goes TITSUP: Total inability to stream unfair penalties


Re: Ah, Sky logic

With a phone and 4G, 3G, GPRS, a hotspot, a friends wifi, any free wifi at a pub, restaurant, Mcdonalds, ..does McD's count as a restaurant? who cares. Anyway. Loads of ways to check.


It's the lack of updates that was the issue.

In Cornwall at least.

Because It didn't just affect Cornwall but also parts of Devon, and at first when the internet went off in the evening of Saturday night the status page clearly said it was due to network upgrades being carried out between 10pm and 2am in the morning.

Fair enough. So at 6am Sunday this was the same message and it wasn't until 7pm when the phone line opened that first we were told there no faults, then when I rang back because the automated line cut me off I was then told there was a network issue and the woman wanted me to plug my router into a master socket, move a bookcase to do that so she could test the line and discover no fault my end. Not till later was the message changed from Network upgrades to a fibre cable break, which isn't good enough.

I've said here before, I accept things go wrong, any network not just Sky, but the lack of information is what annoys me.

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update downs Chrome, Cortana


Turned off updates on the tablet...

And discovered I can't update any store apps. Any suggestions how I update those without 1803 downloading again?


Not Chrome specifically.

Chrome and a combination of other apps like Discord plus a combination of any 3D apps.

I've got Intel 620 & Nvidia on the main laptop and thought I'd fixed it by turning transparency effects off, for a little while things seemed ok and then I turned transparency back on and instant lock up again, CPU not even at 50%.

However I tried again on the next reboot with it off and still locking up so I rolled back and things back to normal...BUT...updates downloading again. Other Win touch tablet downloaded and applied update overnight, immediately rolled back as the 25gb free dropped to 15 then even after rolling back and cleaning up install files still only had 18, again, downloading updates!

Somebody stop this nightmare!

If they give us an option to rollback, why do they immediately force it on us again!

Why are we disappointed with the best streaming media box on the market?


Re: What does it do...

Not sure about hi def only working on Win & IE. I press the info button when a program starts streaming and it shows me the bitrate and bandwidth when using Roku on the TV. Usually starts at 480, then 720 and then settles down to 1080 within a minute or two of buffering. I just had to set the right option from my Netflix user profile and it seems to work whatever I watch on.

I don't have a 4k telly so ...meh.

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?


Re: Inivitably!

Hah! and thumbs down obviously from anyone who doesn't know how to adjust settings to prevent reboots while working on the PC or adjust notifications so they don't get any 'nagging' posted in other comments.

Not a die hard MS fan btw, mine came with WIn10 pre-installed and I also dual boot with Linux. I just can be bothered to find out how to do things.

And it's hardly buried . All setting menu, Windows update (where else?) Active hours

US government sued by 11 pissed-off travellers over computer searches


"Must be typing it in wrong"

For such occasions I once had a device and told officials the password was the entire alphabet in lower case. Then had a few minutes of perverse pleasure as they typed every single letter of the alphabet slowly time and again, explaining they must be typing it in wrong as I'd given them the exact password when they had asked. "theentirealphabetinlowercase"

They never did see the funny side...

Microsoft's Surface Pro 2017, unhinged: Luxury fondleslab that's good...


"In Windows 10 Metro/Modern functions are sucked into a menu which is invisible unless you exit Tablet Mode. So fundamentals like saving your song are invisible. Switch back to Desktop Mode and if you're lucky you'll spot the menu squirrelled away"

Have you tried swiping down from the top edge of the screen to bring the menu up?

Works for me in Music Maker Jam & other apps.

Microsoft ctrl-Zs 'killing' Paint, by which we mean offering naff app through Windows Store


Classic paint & Calculator

Both available from Winaero.com

Silicon Graphics' IRIX and Magic Desktop return as Linux desktop


Fluxbox with Rox filer

oh yeah..and fbpanel.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


" entirely different machines here. One a tablet designed for Win 10 and updated to Anniversary with no problem at all. Had a notification to update to Creators edition after going through some checks. This is an Intel based tables and GPU with all drivers up to date. Complete failure, black screen, hours of waiting and trying to reboot although it showed the login screen fin and would let me enter the password and even bring up the task manager to show running processes. Oddly it never showed explorer.exe as a running process! I rolled that back and when I was offered the option to update my main laptop , as it's AMD/Ati based I thought different architecture, it should be different. To be safe I disabled all 3rd party programs and services like Windowblinds & Rainmeter that usually run in the background or on startup so that they wouldn't interfere.

Same result. The only way I could get any display was to reboot into safe mode. Rolled back and discovered that my main Microsoft account was logged out with no way to log back in so I had to use a local one instead and spent a very long time tracking down a solution to that and fixing other errors to networking. Sharing credentials, user access across local computers on the same network and other things on the LAN all had to be set back up again.

If two entirely different machines running different software get screwed up with the same symptoms ( and no it wasn't something simple like just needing to select the display output) then something is screwed up.

Farewell Unity, you challenged desktop Linux. Oh well, here's Ubuntu 17.04


How times change..

Mark Shuttleworth, Aprile 29th 2011:

"We put user’s first because we committed to test and iterate Unity’s design with real users, and evolve it based on those findings. We’ve documented the process we’re following in that regard, so that other free software projects can decide for themselves if they also want to bring professional design into their process. I very much hope that this will become standard practice across all of free software, because in my view the future of free software is no longer just about inner beauty (architecture, performance, efficiency) it’s also about usability and style."

And most people hated it but no, he was determined it was here to stay.

And now we go back to Gnome

Bloke cuffed after 'You deserve a seizure' GIF tweet gave epileptic a fit


Re: What an asshole

"MODERN monitors, yes. CRT devices like old tellies were a major problem. I had photo-sensitive epilepsy when I was a teenager "

I thought we were talking about these days, not a lot of old CRT's about :)

Happy to hear you grew out of anyway


Re: What an asshole

"There are a lot of things epileptics can't do, like driving. It sucks but that's life."

Huge generalisation, I've been driving for years, there's no blanket ban on epileptics unless they actually have seizures.

Only 3% of the 1 in 100 people with epilepsy are photosensitive and suffer this kind of trigger which doesn't excuse the guy who sent the gif being a dick.

As for most epileptics being careful around screens, never heard of it, modern lcd televisions & monitors don't have that problem.

Dying for Windows 10 Creators Update? But wait, there's more!


As long as it carries on working I don't care.

No seriously. I use Windowblinds and Start10 from Stardock. My system looks like Win 7 with the theme I use, I run Firefox with Classic theme restorer so cosmetically it doesn't *feel* like I'm running Win10.

I had problems updating my laptop to the anniversary update and rolled back, never been bothered by it again.

My Chuwu Hi10 tablet is on the AU with no problems but also with Start10.

My phone is Android and I actually find Cortana useful, it gives me notifications of missed calls and texts and lets me type a reply back without fishing the phone from my jacket pocket or wherever I recently forgot to put it down, rather like Google Now does but sometimes better, sometimes worse.

It's the internet, Microsoft & Google have my data already, I lock down my privacy settings on social media to only certain people and use adblock so I don't really care about ads or 'targetted' info.

For the record I also dual boot into Linux, I don't particularly care what O/S I'm using as long as it let's me do what I want to do

Millions of Brits stick with current broadband provider rather than risk no Netflix


Not always

But while you can keep your number when moving from any provider TO Virgin, if you try switching from Virgin/Cable back to BT or Sky etc you'll get told no, can't do it.

Happened to me and lot's of people I know on several occasions.

"But you have the right to keep your number!" you say...

Uh huh, try telling that to the providers, they'll flat out tell you it's not possible when you move back from cable.

Firefox hits version 50


Another vote for Classic Theme Restorer

I don't know why people complain about Firefox changing so much.

Install the extension, set it up how you like it. Done. You can even set it up as part of sync so it works on all your computers. I have it on My Laptop, Linux system and Win 10 tablet and all sport the classic FF look.

We just have to hope the developer keeps on top of it ^^

Official: AMD now stands for Avoiding Miserable Death


Perhaps if they survive longer...

They might rethink Linux support.

My laptop's not much much more than a year old and already the GPU isn't supported by the closed source Radeon driver anymore.

Web meltdown: BT feels heat from angry punters


Rolling my eyes

Zomg! I couldn't get on Twitter, or Amazon, or Flickr or my bank and some other pages for an hour or two from 8am. Slowly they came back online. Netflix was still up and running but I decided to read a book. For a while I wasn't sure if life would be worth living (insert sarcasm)

Get a grip. All ISP's go down occasionaly. I've been with Virgin, Sky, Orange.

It's all running ok now and life didn't end as far as I can tell :)

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Didn't affect me, Not had any problems with BT so far in 4 months. Routers basic but fairly reliable.

Sometimes the network goes down. Any network. I don't care who you're with. Sky, Virgin, Talk Talk. They all have outages and I've had them all fail over the years. Do something else for a few hours till it comes back online. The world didn't end. Yet.

BT to shoot 'up to 330Mbps' G.fast into 2,000 Gosforth homes


Re: Pity the can't do the basics

Poor you, I moved house on the 15th June, I'm still waiting for an openreach engineer to come next Tuesday despite them carrying out the work in the street 2 weeks ago, they didn't close the work order off so Sky still insist I need someone out. They were surprised I rang them up to tell them my phone line was working and could they send me a new router.

Strangely broadband is active even though according to Openreach it's not yet switched on at the exchange. I'm getting 2mbs. A lot lower than the 100mb I had with Virgin who refuse to cable the new street I'm now living in

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


If a trees cut down in a virtual forest, do the hippies still protest?

BT commences trials of copper-to-the-home G.fast broadband tech


Meanwhile in a brand new street with brand new cable....

Openreach still haven't been able to connect up any homes in my street 2 months on,with even basic broadband despite the cables already being installed up to every house, and the surrounding streets and cabinets already enabled for fibre (up to a whopping speed of 20mbs)

Virgin refused to lay down their own cable when asked so I'm really missing the 100Mbs I used to have.

In the past 2 months, BT have given me 4 different installation dates, told me I have no order, 2 orders and magically today when I finally rang up to cancel, my street doesn't even exist!

(On the web site my house number even disappeared)

Perhaps we'll get these fabled 500Mbs speeds when Unicorns appear.

Testing Motorola's Moto G third-gen mobe: Is it still king of the hill?


Re: Removable memory

Love to know how you got it to update to 5.1. I got mine sim free from CPW and it came with 5.0, updated OTA to 5.02 and has stuck there ever since while I've looked at other networks getting updates.

I thought I was guaranteed to get an update to the latest update from Motorola.

Android M's Now on Tap cyber-secretary is like Clippy on Class A drugs


Abandoned anyway.

Nexus 7 2012. Ran perfectly on 4.1 Jellybean, then each update gradualy made it worse until KitKat which was excellent.

5 was ok but kept freezing. 5.01 improved it slightly, then 5.02 ran great as long as I force closed apps after having about 5 running.

Now it updated to 5.1 and even if it runs ok, after an hour on standby and not running anything it hangs when turning it back on. Consistenly until I reboot or find out what app process has eaten all the memory away.

As M has been stated to not be available for N7 2012 I'm going back to KitKat and sticking there.

(Oddly 5.02 on my Moto E 2nd gen LTE is brilliant)

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday


Re: Remember when...

Ubuntu - read your own link, the previous release dates are not regular or predictable at all, and there is no date listed for the release of 15.10.

I'm guessing it will be October , 6 months after the last release like it generally but not always is.

Google TUGS Nexus 7-INCHER from its online store


A mixed bag of lollipops

My Nexus ran like something brown and steaming after the upgrade to Lollipop. I went back to 4.4 and it was fine again, next tried the 5.02 update and it ran ok'ish but web browsing was a 5 minute page loading affair and any memory intensive app ran like treacle so I yet again downgraded.

After being nagged for a long time to update to 5.1 I was pleasantly surprised. Most performance issues are gone apart from the memory leak others mentioned. It's crazy bit I can have everything force closed, turn it off overnight and have problems running an app when I turn it on from sleep overnight. Then I force close whatever app I tried to start and it runs superb for several hours, even Chrome or Firefox. It seems that as long as I remember to close apps after I get to 4 or 5 running in the background then it's happy, except for the memory leak after a few hours of non use.

Strangely my new Moto E 2015 runs Lollipop 5.02 and it's a dream, even with a ton of apps installed. Literally runs like silk and makes me wish it ran so well on my Nexus 7 2012.

Microsoft dumps ARM for Atom with cut-price Surface 3 fondleslab


Re: MS is trapped

"Unfortunately, Linux is not far behind in this scenario.."

I think you'll find Linux has been ported to just about every architecture available and has been for years.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


It's not a practical joke?

At first I thought my browser was broken.

Or that you'd been hacked.

Then I realised this is for real.

Oh dear.

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop


Re: Not running terribly well

" It also happened with 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4. With 4.4.4"

4.1 ran perfect, 4.2 ran ok, 4.3 ran terrible and 4.4.4 fixes everything for me.

" I get an occasional 5 second lock up"

Yep, me too, which is what I said, but not 30 seconds or longer as I do with 5.0.

Firefox is the worst responsive app so far yet the same pages render quickly in Dolphin.

"have 130 apps installed. So yeah, I'm kind of expecting that"

mhm, I also said I'm not surprised as I have even more than that, way more.

It's nothing to do with being based on Linux. I haven't had Facebook installed since before my last reset and Lollipop still runs like poo a lot of the time. As I said, the rest of the time I like it.


Re: No surprise

Personal preference. I love Gmail now and think it's the best it's ever looked, plus now runs with any email account


Not running terribly well

But..my N7 2012 is loaded down with far more than I need and could probably do with a wipe and re-install. However, apart from a brief stutter of a couple of seconds in switching apps or loading a web page I had no issues with 4.4.4. Now I'm getting hang ups of 30 seconds plus .

It definitely isn't due to not using it enough to tell the difference. Firefox seems extremely bad, completely hanging the device.

Losing widgets ticked me off, I had a different clock on my lockscreen purely because I don't lke the plain Google offering.

However, Lollipop itself is a nice upgrade, notifications and general UI use feels nice. Just freezing up often enough to be frustrating.

Sky: We're no longer calling ourselves British. Yep. And Broadcasting can do one, too


Re: So does this mean

The words subscription free does suggest not paying anything ^^

You dirty RAT! Hong Kong protesters infected by iOS, Android spyware


Although the permissions in that app are the ones needed to make it do what it says in the features list.

Not exactly hidden or underhand.

Facebook's Oculus unveils 360-degree VR head tracking Crescent Bay prototype


Re: headphones

You're thinking of some other prototype, It's not a Note 3 screen, in fact they haven't given detailed specs

(I suspect you're thinking of the Gear VR which uses a Note 4)

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?


Re: Keyboard layout?

Pretty sure the layout will be for whatever country it's being sold in. Qwerty for UK and everywhere that uses it, Qwertz for France etc.

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux


Re: Meeeh

We get it, that's what you like. But trust me, a lot don't.

My daughter had a new laptop last week, she tried to get used to it, she even liked some of it. In the end I installed an add on that gives her the traditional menu and/or the Metro interface.

And that is what most people do want. The choice.

Blockbuster book lays out the first 20 years of the Smartphone Wars


Best phone I ever had - SE P910i with Symbian UIQ

Touch screen,MP3 player and PDA all wrapped up into a pocket friendly bundle.

Plus Wolfenstein 3D got ported to it.

Life support's ABOUT to be switched off, but XP's suddenly COOL again


Re: I still love XP..

Yet you use linux and android for the rest. Why not use the android netflix app? As for the VM, whats wrong with wine? Not that I am a *ux lover but seriously... I call you on that one mate.

Because Netflix on my Nexus 7 isn't as enjoyable as as on 17'' laptop screen or as watching it on my HD telly via HDMI!

As for Netflix under Wine it works using a specially hacked wine and reposotories under 12.04 and later but I'm using 11.10 because that's the last version that fully supported my Ati graphics and I don't have the finances to upgrade at the moment. On my system all the howto's didn't work and I got fed up faffing around when I had an alternative

Seriously. Most of my time under Win 7 was normal browsing email and watching video via HDMI.

(and under Virtualbox it's not laggy except for the first couple of minutes at full screen. Perhaps because absolutely nothing else has been installed)


I still love XP..

For watching Netflix under a virtual machine. Haven't used windows for anything else in the last month.

My main activities I can do under Linux or using my Android tablet or mobile.

Since my recovery partition borked and the recovery disks I'd previously used started to fail on the last set of 5 at 96% I gave up trying to re-install. I did try from another install for Win7 but my "genuine" sticker with the Key is faded and unreadable so Microsoft won't help when I ring them up.

So screw Microsoft, I'm not paying a second time for an OS that I had installed already and I'll run XP virtually when I need to.

Google waves its Chromecast dongle in front of developers


Would be nice if we could actually buy it officially in the UK instead of Ebay or America.

Google Glass driver told she CAN wear techno-specs while on the road


Re: What bollocks

Distracted by what ? They were turned off.

Office for Android, iOS pushed back to late 2014?


Who cares anyway ?...

When we already have Polaris, Kingsoft, QuickOffice, Documents to Go etc, etc,etc...

I remember owning a Windows phone and the "support" for office meant being able to view basic docs.

3rd party apps already fill the gap.

ITV catches up with TVCatchup


Re: I gave up on TVCatchup

I had that for a while. Turned out to be a Flash problem.

This 320-gigapixel snap of London is size of Buckingham Palace


No face blurring ?

So unlike Google, BT don't worry about number plates and faces.

Canonical unveils fondleslab-friendly Ubuntu 'experience'


Re: I just want to run Ubuntu on my tablet...

Google- Ubuntu - Nexus 7.



Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices


Re: This again

Not so. I got mine direct from the Play store and waited quite a while for the last update to come through.

I had a call from google support (in the USA) over another issue, and he was telling me his Nexus 7 on his desk still hadn't had his update come through while a colleague sat next to him had his only about 10 minutes before.

This was at the same time people on XDA and other forums in the UK had already received it OTA


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