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Hubble snaps planet orbiting distant star



...this discovery goes to prove the existence of Sauron, peering at us from afar with his scary-ass eye.

Tickle me afraid.

Google fixes world's most stupid bug

Gates Halo

Tenuous link

This very loosely reminds me the time I used to use personalised auto-replace shortcuts in MS Word. I had a list of commonly-used-but-irritatingly-long work-related phrases for which I had a number of short phrase matches. All well and good until you belatedly realise that you've become reliant upon it, and now habitually type the word 'wanker' when really you wanted your boss's name...And you've just sent an e-mail to said wanker, using OWA, no less, which doesn't even have an auto-correct feature, let alone the same dictionary as the one on my work PC.

BBC's speak you're branes collapses under Brand-Ross sex outrage


I bought Jonathan Ross's dog

It died

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