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Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'


Common sense gets more power!!!!

Dells prices can be a bit mad. Infact i bought a duel quad core 2.33 na Dell Precision 7500 for about £1000 less than a mac pro. Why? because i get a choice about what goes in it. It was also a feck lot faster than the spec given in this comparison, despite lower spec cores i had twice as many, more memory, 10k rpm hdds. Buy with common sense then you get a good price. You also need to add promotions and deals which dell have on 24/7.

Also that Mac needs a warrenty pack £250 Office £200 more than than the PC cuz u cant get OEM. Adds up really fast on the Mac.

Emotional arguments do not make Street View illegal



My House isn't even covered. Infact i cant find a picture of me on their at all. they havent even covered my area. buggers.

I think we should have the automatic right to be on the photos. I want the chance to be mooning from my house as the camera passes by.

surely thats my right as a human!!!

Windows 7 borrows from OS X, avoids Vista



I don't like the Mac OS X interface. Its clunky, cockhanded and always in the bloody way. You cant beat a quick launch and start menu.

When you use a Mac don't you feel you have been given a crayon instead of a pen?

Still seems that most mac users cant colour between the lines though:P

Opera scrambles to quash zero-day bug in freshly-patched browser



cuz opera is better, bugs and all it. For a start i dont have to build its features with 3rd party code. Who knows what crap could get installed.


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