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Macs not all that for reliability

Robbie Bain

Acer... and AC

Almost as important as failure rate is the actual level of service you get when you RMA something. Acer were appalling in that regard when my netbook died - it took 6 trips back to the warranty center for them to admit it was actually broken and unfixable, and to replace it...

Also, to the AC whining about not getting an on-site warranty with his Mac... On-site warranties are not very common with personal laptop purchases, unless you pay through the nose for one of those mostly-scam schemes. Sounds to me like you gave them the machine and a week later it was fixed... What are you whinging about? You wanted a courtesy machine for that week? Poor diddums...

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

Robbie Bain

Seems pretty simple...

You buy an iPod, you use iTnues to manage it... How is this different from any other company's software packages that support their hardware devices?

Can I manage my iPod with Palm's music management software? Oh, wait... they haven't got any.

Opera chief: history will silence Unite doubters

Robbie Bain

Hypercard was awesome!

I don't care much for his piece-of-crap web browser or its 'revolutionary' add-ons.

But you don't dis Hypercard and get to walk away. That's just not on.

Laptop Hunters snare Microsoft on Linux

Robbie Bain


The hell you say??

You sir are a troll, and a pathetically transparent one at that.

If I'm wrong, and you're not a troll, I pray you are never allowed a position of responsibility in this industry, 'cause you're clearly an ill-informed, zealous fool.

The iPhone App Store - a classic protection racket

Robbie Bain

@Justin Case

Then don't buy an iPhone. Problem solved.

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