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Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing


CAN any game be the "best ever"?

I mean, the whole reason I keep gaming (and replaying old games for that matter) is that there are diverse experiences to be had. You can't really compare a FPS to an RPG...they offer the gamer completely different challenges and experience. You could compare within genres, but even that becomes less valid when you have a lot of "crossover" type games. Furthermore, everyone's tastes are different...I thought the story was interesting in Bioshock, but didn't care for the game because I don't care much for FPS gameplay. We're also looking at you, Clive Barker. On the other end of the spectrum, there's next to NO story in most good arcade style action games, but I've wasted more time playing Llamatron (PC Robotron clone) than I should ever admit in public. I love Fatal Frame for the story and the gameplay, but the first time I finished it, I shut it off when I was done, unlike Mario 64 where I kept playing for HOURS after finishing it.

My point? I really wish people writing about video games (or books, or movies, or music, or whatever) would stay away from such hyperbole. Nothing NEEDS to be the "best ever"...one can appreciate a wide variety of experiences.




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