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Surprise! Wireless brain implants are not secure, and can be hijacked to kill you or steal thoughts

Callum Winton

Title is bricken?

Shouldn't the title be 'unsecure' not 'insecure'?

I'm pretty sure the implants aren't worrying about what other implants are saying about them ;)


Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You're f*cking kidding

Callum Winton

picture dumping ground

It's only Flickr ... won't have been important images

El Reg marks Steve Jobs for termination

Callum Winton


Must be true... every time I get a glimps of X-Factor I want to rip a hole through my TV

Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures

Callum Winton
Thumb Down

It's all Bollox

If cameras were really there for safety measures, then why isn't there one outside every school in the UK?


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