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Relax with the emotions

I think some the people on here are very similar, at an emotional level, to those that were, for example, expressing their grievances against the Danish cartoons with violence. Remember that out of approximately 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide, only a tiny group took part in those. Just because the news channels only choose to show their actions, your mix of bias and emotions allows you to agree that the majority of Muslims are this way.

I found the cartoons distasteful. I didn't see them, but I knew what they were about. I didn't choose to be violent. I chose not to buy Danish. And if you followed the news after the cartoons were published, you would also have noticed the large dent in Danish income, which requires far more cooperationd, and far more concerted effort, than simply burning effigies one day, and returning to normal the next.

Such outcomes are simply a fact of life, and it happens everywhere. Nothing is black and white as perhaps some of you may like, however much you may disagree that you don't. Look at any country in the world. You will see people pro war on terror, and against. You will see people pro abortion, and against. You will see people pro ending poverty, and those against. On the one hand you would like to argue that people have freedom of choice. On the other hand you would like to bash them for making a choice that you don't agree with. Well, that's exactly what the people burning Danish memorabilia were doing, only at a stronger level.

You don't know if all, some, or none, not a single one, of those people went to jail, or felt any kind of resentment, or have now grown from that experience and realised it was the wrong thing to do, or vice versa. The world simply isn't that black and white.

Anyway, my main point was, that some people on here readily accept that all Muslims, or a good majority of them, are fanatical bombers. If that were the case, the world would have no serious population, energy, or carbon emission problems. The fact is, it is a VERY TINY MINORITY of people that do the things you see in the news, and such tiny minorities occur in every grouping. Left-wing, right-wing, whatever, you will people in the opposite group you don't like, and you will see people in your own group that you don't like. Just like every group, you will see a range of responses from members of that group to external influences, both positive and negative. Some of them will cheer like crazy when one person of the opposite group dies. You've seen Muslims doing that. You've seen American soldiers doing that. Doesn't mean that's how every single member of that group would respond; you just didn't see their response.

The best solution to removing that group, is to not give them the coverage, because they are so small that they don't deserve it. By sitting here and, I'm sorry to say, spewing emotional hatred, rather than logically weighted thoughts, you're just growing the problem.

Sorry for the long post, I hope it helps goes some way to broadening the picture, and allowing us to not get polarised whenever the slightest difference occurs. If anything, its not good for your health!



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