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Flanders demands its own top-level domain


I'm from the Flanders

And i say NO. Just for the simple fact that all Belgian websites are cheap and lame. Most of them look like a 12 year old made them that was either drunk or wacked out on crack. What they have now is good enough (.be). Don't blame the Flemish for being needy when we all know the French side is just as bad if not worse. All the walloons do is sit on their lazy arse. Their side of the country is truly filthy. I know, i live close to it. Luik is only about half an hour away and It looks like a complete dump and not to mention Hainaut. You just don't wanna know.

Anyway, Belgium won't split up. We can't afford it. It would destroy us. The taxes would rise immencely to compensate for the cut from wallonie and we already have 21% tax. Or atleast thats the story i'm sure they'll force down our throats whether its true or not does not matter in this country. They're choking this country to death as it is.



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