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Captain Cyborg invades Second Life

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Hey all,

obviously none of you all have any clue as to what the talk was about. However its a democratic world and everyone is entitled to his opinion.

For those of you who will not rush into replying to me with **childish** answers, let me shed some light as to what the talk was really about.

The topic was upgrading humans:why not, and he talked about all those possibilities that we will be presented with when we finally manage to embed electronic aids into our bodies. And he refers not to simple external, add-on aids but aids that will directly connect to the nervous system either to correct a malfunction of the body (like treat Parkinson's decease) or to give us some of our missing senses (like an ultrasonic one for example).

However he dares take it even further and talks about the potential of being able to record and transmit human thoughts to other people or even recording them. If you laugh sarcastically at this point, just know that you can nowadays buy the so-called brain interfaces that you can use to control devices by the signals your brain emits or even play games on your gaming console. Travel back in time 20 years and find a guy playing with a spectrum and tell him that. Wont it be you the crazy guy?

And its not that he only dares talk about such things but for those unaware readers of this comment, he has actually taken the first steps and done them with success.

According to his website, back in 1998 he did his first implant. A simple, RFID capsule that would enable things around him to recognize him and "do" things like open doors etc. Naturally he could simply opted for simply wearing it but no, he decided to actually implant it and see how it goes! After 5 years or so, parents started using RFID technology to keep an eye on their children...Maybe in 10 years time, all newborns will feel the slight pain of a small injection of technological enhancements the moment they are born....who knows?

The point is the guy is leading the way...Crazy or not is irrelevant. The important thing is that this world goes forward by a handful of such pioneers and i think it would be much more productive if some of you didnt spend even a single brain cell into typing **childish**, the least, comments.

And as for Lester, Lester how come and you wrote so many things about Daleks and such, and only a few crude lines about this? Besides, there was a Dalek in the conference too!



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