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Hey Commentards! This pre-populated 'reply to' is for you

Gary Olson

Well, I've never....

...been niggled. But, I'll take a deniggling. Is that by the hour or by the pound?

The enterprise storage buyer: Why I stick with the big guys

Gary Olson

Destroying 3PAR

Nothing would destroy 3PAR, or any "tier 2" storage supplier, more effectively than being bought by the current HP. Focus would shift from providing an alternative storage platform to increasing sales of already existing HP kit with 3PAR storage. This would destroy the purchased storage line; no R&D money or freedom would be allowed to further develop the product.

Near-ready Firefox 3.6 gets second RC sausage

Gary Olson

FF only half of the picture

Using a browser is a client/server interaction: both the client and the server need to be functioning effectively. How fast does a basic site load. [Google's main page]. If the server is trying to feed scripts from 6 different sites with 6 content types, no browser will function quickly.

My systems have anywhere from 3 to 16 Firefox addons; none of them operate slowly. I choose quality addons and don't visit craptastic sites.

Goodbye to physical Fibre Channel

Gary Olson

We've all seen convergence before....

At one time I had a "smart" terminal with 6 3270 terminal sessions. Then the PC showed up and replaced the "converged" smart terminal into a paperweight. Every time massive convergence to a single connectivity option occurs, a new option is created on new technology. I already made the investment in FC hardware.<br><br> If what you say is true, then supporting that infrastructure will only get cheaper over the next 5 years. Then I will look at the new connectivity options.

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