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Facebook 'personal' news feed gets algorithm rejig

Derek Bradshaw

What a Crock of Poo

Please let me just have my news in chronological order. I do not need some dodgy algorithm deciding what I may consider important


Google+ is looking more promising now


Vista-hating Microsoft throws poo at Apple's iPhone 4

Derek Bradshaw

returned to the MS fold

"Elsewhere in his speech, Turner drilled holes into Mountain View’s cloudy rival to Microsoft’s Office software suite. He claimed that many customers had returned to the MS fold after trying out Google Apps and not liking it"


Does not work at all on my Linux machine. States it requires M4 IE 6,7 or 8 on XP server 2003 or vista

Or I can run it on Firefox on MacOS 10.2.x or later.

Nope. I will be sticking with Mountain Views offerings. Truly cross platform on a PC..


Pictures of Ubuntu: Linux's best photo shots at Windows and Mac

Derek Bradshaw

I am sure the article says Gnome and not KDE

"In this second look at how media and storage applications for Linux, and particularly Ubuntu, compare, I found the Gnome camp has plenty of options too - you just need to be picky."

I knew it did. I have been unable to locate a Gnome version of DigiKam... Please stop mentioning it.


UK data watchdog to quiz Google on Streetview Wi-Fi database

Derek Bradshaw

And BT openzone


Is this any diffferent.... ???

Microsoft tosses Windows, Office discounts at XP holdouts

Derek Bradshaw

Or Worst Still!!

"The discount, though, follows a year during which Microsoft discounted heavily on Windows 7 Home Premium to persuade consumers in general and students in particular to buy the new operating system - or PCs running it - rather than stick with Windows XP or - worse - go over to Apple."

Or worst still...... Move over to Linux..... ah sorry already have

BBC clarifies location of England

Derek Bradshaw

Lies all lies

The BBC need this info for themselves 'cos they have no idea.

I sit in an office in the home counties but cannot get streaming news 24....

BBC think I am a foreigner cos this particular company has its pipe pour out onto to t'internet in Germany somewhere.... Even after registering and telling the BBC exactly where in the country I am.


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