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Pioneer rebuffs reported rush to end plasma TV production


Such a sad day....

Panasonic are still selling plasmas in very good numbers - for ultimate image quality, LCD (even the latest generations available here in Japan) don't come close. The picture quality on a 52" LCD is laughable in comparison.

What is shocking is just how far ahead of the game that Pioneer are with these screens - their exit from the industry is a step backwards. Even the latest 10th gen Panasonic panels can't replicate the black levels that Pioneer have achieved.

A sad day when production finally stops.


Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users



You said: "I cannot speak for the UK's infrastructure investment, but it also helps that Japan, Korea, and the like are a lot SMALLER"

Suggest you dig your atlas out mate - Japan is far far bigger than the UK in length.

Mine's the one with the Shinkansen tickets in the pocket.


The netbook newbie's guide to Linux

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Great Article - Thanks!

Had a weekend playing with an AA1 that I borrowed. Being a complete linux n00b, I followed the advice in the "Ten Tweaks" article to get it doing exactly what I need.

This article tells me why some of that stuff worked - please keep it coming!



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