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Virgin wi-fi rolls up two years late

Matt Brigden


But will it also enable the long awaited arrival of the trains being on time ?

Somehow I doubt it.

Half of 10 year olds now mobile connected

Matt Brigden

And they need them why exactly ?

Is it just me or does anyone else think that giving young children mobiles is just plain idiotic ? .

My stepson is 9 in a few weeks and his dad has promised him a mobile . The kid has maybe 5 friends he talks to in school every day . He doesnt go wandering farther than earshot so why the hell does he need a mobile ? . All this rubbish about its for safety what utter tosh he never goes anywhere farther than the damn television .

Things like this make me mad . Its just another excuse for shoddy parenting . And then what do they do . Moan like hell because the kids run up a huge bill downloading crazy frog ringtones . Well you gave em the darn thing you muppets .

Samsung PB22-J 256GB SSD

Matt Brigden

Your joking right ?

Anyone that wants to shell out £420 on a 256gb drive needs their head read . Think I'll wait for the price to drop a lot before I go near ssd .

Dragons' Den winner infringed own patent, IPO rules

Matt Brigden

Hmmmmm indeed

Rapstrap ...... Milletie . Only difference I can see is the name .

Ofcom makes network operators carry mis-selling can

Matt Brigden
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Maybe .... just maybe

Ofcom can stop the slew of unintelligible indians that insist on ringing me from all the mobile telcos trying to sell me contract phones . If I wanted a contract phone Id bloody get one . I had one last week . He got upset and hung up on me when I demanded my free handset . He asked me if I would like a free handset and yes I would like a new handset . He then tried to sell me a contract which I didnt want . So I pointed out the handset was hardly free in that case and he hung up lol .

WowWee Rovio Mobile webcam

Matt Brigden
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Looks like fun

£250 is pricy but hell the fun you could have ........ I could terrorise the cat whenever I wanted from anywhere :D

Orange IPTV: Missing, presumed dead

Matt Brigden
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pass on iptv wheres my darn adsl2+ ?

I want my exchange upgrading . The tv would of been nice but Id rather have a faster line .

Demand for consoles, add-ons skyrockets as PC games plunge

Matt Brigden
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Sales down now theres a shock.......

Might have something to do with there being sweet fa worth buying . Games devs now are building purely for console . The ports the pc gets are usually awful as the pc just isnt good at control systems designed for joypads .

Still wont make me buy a console though .

Nike pulls Air Stab trainers

Matt Brigden

Knee + Jerk .....

This is getting stupid . Whats next are Blizz going to remove my backstab ability ? oh nooooeeeessss !

AVG disguises fake traffic as IE6

Matt Brigden

Avg go bye bye

I've used AVG for years after norton stopped doing its job and began putting concrete boots onto any system it was installed to . Im now switching to Avast . So far its on my main machine and 2 others . AVG is coming off the rest this weekend . This linkscanner seems to be a solution looking for a problem . Well you can go use somebody elses bandwidth .

BT and Siemens slammed over prisoner call rates

Matt Brigden

Oh dear poor sumbags

Sorry but it looks like they are being made to pay in more ways than one .

They broke the law so fair goes out the window in my book .

Prison is a cushy number for most .If they want to make calls at the rates normal decent people do then try being one .

SMS addiction awakens 'sleep-texting' phenomenon

Matt Brigden

I have my family trained

They realise its not worth telling me anything until after the first cup of coffee . I can wake up and hold a conversation then go back to sleep . Can I hell even recall being awake let alone what was said . No not a hope .

Climate supremo deploys knitwear in war on patio heaters

Matt Brigden

Running lights

If you cant see a large metal object coming down the road in daylight maybe you should consider not driving a car yourself . I have a Volvo and I have mine turned off . If you want me to turn them on then you can supply with me with free replacement bulbs when they blow as I cant afford new bulbs due to the price of the sodding petrol .

Most 'malfunctioning' gadgets work just fine, report claims

Matt Brigden
Dead Vulture

They probably have it about right

I worked for a long time in a tech centre that dealt with customer returns . A lot of what we got in faulty was due to bad selling . Sales teams told to push a specific item so they can get their kickback from the manufacturer . For a free home surround cinema system from Sony the deluded idiots would tell customers that they really wanted that product instead regardless of the customers need .

Add to that people that dont read the instructions . Sure you read them , thats why they are still in the sealed baggy . Or buyer remorse , the wifes going to castrate you for blowing the mortgage money .

I spent 45 minutes telling a customer that just because his imac was wireless he still needed to plug the modem into the phoneline to get online.

Customers lie through their teeth . Ask any pc engineer who has found mysteriously cracked laptop screens that just cracked when it was turned on or stopped working for no reason except the can of coke in the innards .

Half the time you knew it was going to be NFF before you even unpacked it .

BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'

Matt Brigden

You can only trust BT to screw up

Everytime I call them for anything to do with my phone its a bloody drama . Each person you talk to says something different and its a damn mess . And they wonder why when they offered me adsl after the rigmarole of getting a line activated I told them to get bent .

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

Matt Brigden
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Creative lost the plot a long time ago

I run Vista and have an Sblive 5.1 Digital . The generic drivers for Vista are appalling . Creative said get an Xfi as thats compatible . I found the KX Project drivers and went from crap stereo and no microphone to full 5.1 and the card working as well as it had in XP .

My brother in law bought an Xfi for his new build also running Vista and its bloody appalling . The drivers are dire . An update or 2 later and its still terrible . Im going to go looking for these wonder drivers . Give the man a job already . He has done what you couldnt . I think they have a bloody cheek shipping the product with these horrible drivers supplied .

The problem as I see it is if you dont buy a Soundblaster what the hell do you buy ? . Soundblaster was feted as THE soundcard to have . So what now ? .

Red Green Ken v Porsche in battle of the polls

Matt Brigden
Paris Hilton

More statistics lol

Let me guess Porsche polled their customers and Ken polled the green party .

Stats can say anything . Personally I think all this carbon footprint caper is a load of bollocks .

Paris as she wouldnt know a carbon footprint if it was in a video with her .

A third of online shops undermine consumer rights

Matt Brigden

I can understand restock fees to a point

If I was to sell you a bit of kit which you kept and used for a few weeks and you subsequently send it back to me for a refund as it doesnt fullfill your expectation and I had advertised it with an adequate description of its capabilities then I dont see why the retailer cant charge a restock fee .

Ive worked on returns for firms and some of them come back in an appalling state and are in no way shape or form re sellable . I dont see how a lot of retailers would take kindly to it . They dont operate a hire business .

Ive seen manuals written on and mangled . Boxes torn open and the usual packing materials missing and or driver cds, cables etc . Or my personal favorite . The whole lot lobbed in a jiffy bag minus the box entirely.

If the product is as described then Im sorry but any refund you get should be proportionate to the use you have had out of it and the condition it comes back in .

Charging fees for faulty products is plain wrong . I wouldnt expect to pay shipping on a return if its faulty either .

ISPs nominate UK record industry as top internet villain

Matt Brigden


Bend over , This wont hurt a bit !

About time the ISP's showed some backbone .

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety

Matt Brigden
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They arent lying you can share them

What you all missed is the term "Different user"

This is how it works ....

I can put anything on the drive as its my drive I own it . I can access everything regardless of file type from anywhere in the world .

I can let other people use it as well BUT they will only see the non protected files so all your mp3s avis etc will be invisible , The folders will be empty .

My brother in law also has a one of these drives and we know each others username and password for mionet . Not a fantastic way of doing it but again like the Zip method I highlighted earlier it works .

Afaik this protection only comes into play over the net and doesnt hamper LAN sharing .

Matt Brigden

Easy workaround

Zip the file . Works fine on mine lol .

Im more concerned with the nobbled ethernet . 4.6mbps max transfer takes the Michael . Really helpful limitation on a drive billed as 10/100/1000 . Several months down the line and still no fix for it . WD have admitted the transfer speed sucks and are "looking into it" . Try looking into it with your eyes open ......

Theres no need to use the mionet software on the cd as you can access to it via java from the mionet site .

iPhone tops mobile browsing charts

Matt Brigden

Wonder what all the iphone users are looking at ?

www.jailbreakmyiphone.com most likely lol .

Best Buy kicks out misbehaving Geek Squaders

Matt Brigden
Paris Hilton

Hmm techies filching mp3s ...

Come on since when is it news that techies rifle through your files . I've worked in lots of places and its always been a source of amusement the crap users send in with their pc's .

Simple answer is if you dont want the techies looking at pics of your wife tied to the bed then dont leave them on your pc .

Sony goes green with... er... leopard skin look laptop

Matt Brigden

That Peta-Byte crack

Well its a bit wuff innit :p

Music DRM 'dead by next summer'

Matt Brigden

And will the player makers unshackle our hardware ?

Not damned likely lol . I have a philips and if you use the supplied software it takes an eon and then some to transfer an album over as the DRM has to chop the file into fragments and then splatter them across the drive. Remove the drm infested program and use a non shackled prog like dbPoweramp and it transfers in half the time . Doing it by the book is like swimming through glue .

Late, fast and pricey: O2 broadband is go

Matt Brigden

You may want to check your T&C's

"As a BE customer, I will be livid if they apply this stupid fair use policy to BE customers."

BE has a FUP just like everyone else ......

Dont think a single ISP in the UK doesnt have one or some other nefarious management system in place .

World of Warcraft smites den of orc and elf sexual delinquency

Matt Brigden

This has no place in WoW

The rpg servers can get pretty immersed but this is just wrong . Sorry but if they really want to do this then take it into IRC or onto Second Life . Its irresponsible when they have no way to verify the ages of the players . If they want to do it in WoW then go host your own server . I hope Blizz keep at it and disband them whenever they find another guild formed by them . I help run a family guild with family and friends and we wont allow swearing in Gc let alone anything like this as we do have younger players .

Wrong just wrong .......

Orange mounts sneaky Freeserve accounts purge

Matt Brigden

Why are people complaining ?

Any ISP has detractors but complaining they deleted a years old email address you didnt bother changing seems a whine too far n my book . The onus is on you to move your email not the isp to do it when you stop paying .

As for the Orange bashers . I find them very easy to deal with . Bypass india and go for the uk teams . They spend most days sorting out grief the outsourced centre causes . Ive had 2 problems in 18 months . Both of which were sorted out with the minimum of fuss and rectified .

Maybe its the way people talk to them .......

140mph YouTube boy racer facing jail

Matt Brigden


"It's only 140 FFS. The really stupid part was recording it. Swerving around is kinda dumb too but you old giffords have got to realise how annoying it is when you're in they way at 75 mph and won't move over."

The dumbest part of its the speed you prat . Speed limit 70mph mean anything to you ? . Thought not .

Hopefully you will get caught and taken off the road before you kill somebody because sods law says you wont kill yourself .

People like the guy who got caught and morons like you need taking off the road . And for the record Im not an "old gifford" . People like you make me sick .

CSA 2.0: defaulting dads to have travel, ID, life switched off

Matt Brigden

And lets not forget the Mums here

My wifes 2 children live with their dad . The CSA takes money from my wife every week . She recently came off maternity leave and her first pay packet they tried to claw back "back pay" . The system is a joke . We live 200 miles away from the kids so once a fortnight we drive to pick them up . Does that get figured into the amount she has to pay the CSA . Does it hell . The system is as crooked as the day it started .

Pipex clings on to former customer data

Matt Brigden

Another reason why I left the idiots

I left in 0ct 2006 . And surprise surprise all my details are on there including all my statements . Im really quite annoyed at this . I have changed the details as I dont trust these folls not to leave it somewhere unsecure .

Carphone Warehouse coffers hit by broadband rollout

Matt Brigden

Under control ? Your having a laugh .

I moderate on a broadband forum and our busiest section by far is the TalkTalk section . Every user saying the same thing . The service is unreliable and slow if it works at all .

They make supporting it a nightmare by changing what kit they ship to customers as they go along .

The tech support lines come in for the heaviest critiscism , most users are under the impression they are told to lie to customers to get them off the phone with the promise of a non existant call back .

Like 99% of ISP's they just dont care for the customers anymore .

Satnav driver's car totalled by train

Matt Brigden

And they gave her a driving licence why exactly ?

Common sense should of had her open both gates and drive thorugh .

And how did she fail to notice a damn railway line ? . Not exactly the easiest thing to miss is it .

Satnav users deserve everything they get . I use a mapbook . People that put blind faith in something along the lines of satnav are barmy .

'Traffic Taliban' moots speed cameras in cats' eyes

Matt Brigden

/Jeremy Mode

We dont need more cameras . The things are everywhere . I regularly commute on the various motorways and more and more of the things keep appearing . What annoys me is why somebody decided that it would be great fun to put certain stretches at 50mph . For no obvious reason whatsoever all of a suddon 50mph sign then a few yards later cameras . Madness.

Whats needed on the UK roads is better driving .

Cars have indicators for a reason so use them .

Tailgating is stupid and wont get you there any quicker .

Look before you pull out .

I have been driving now since 1990 and I cringe watching some people drive .

For every case of road rage you will likely find a case of terrible driving .

Ive seen women doing eyeliner in their mirrors whilst driving .

Idiots reading the paper .

A slowed down idiot is still a damn idiot .

I wont even get going on motorbikes and cyclists .

For every bad motorcyclist there are good ones . Same with cyclists . I leave a gap in front of me to have a safe braking zone . And yes that looks tempting but it doesnt mean evil knievel can whip in there leaving his rear tyre rubber on my bumper .

The police want to be less speed obsessed and do something about the morons with licences . Makes me wonder how they pass their tests in the first place .

Dark mutterings on killer Wi-Fi in schools help no one

Matt Brigden

Oh please

"On the other side of the coin wi-fi is going to allow teachers to create exciting and innovative lessons"

And you cant do that with an ethernet lead why exactly ?

As for this latest wifi scare .....

Come on get a grip . Todays society loves to hang blame off stuff .

Appalling behaviour gets blamed on ADHD . All I see is badly disciplined kids

The standard of written English . If you teach kids to sound out letters they will then write them like that . And you wonder where txt speak comes from ....

Todays kids seem to be lazier because they are . And its down to how we bring them up .

If we make excuse for them then they will never change .

We can hold as many enquirys as we like and our kids will carry on regardless . We need to pay them more attention and less attention to what the latest thinnktank says we should be doing .


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