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Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss


Deprecate Bing next please

It's odd seeing Windows people moaning about monoculture as if they cared, and then following up with how great their own monoculture is.

When they're done throwing IE and Edge on the heap they can send Bing on its way also. Never was more than a vainglorious assault on Google's air supply, accomplished nothing against the Google market share but swept all others from the field. And spent tens of billions of dollars. Enough money to build a Mars colony.

If at first or second you don't succeed, you may be Microsoft: Hold off installing re-released Windows Oct Update


Re: Technical debt

>And to think that some people actually have to buy this mess. £119 or thereabouts I believe.

The sacrificial computer to try these things out on before you trust them with your data costs much more.

It's the real Heart Bleed: Medtronic locks out vulnerable pacemaker programmer kit


I would like to tell about my hospital technology sales experience

Regrettably, telling that tale involves losing all my worldly wealth.

Suffice to say that the state of technology purchasing, maintenance and support is regrettable. I wouldn't tell my doctor anything I wouldn't post on Facebook.

Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire


AMD has a window of opportunity

They appear to be well positioned to take advantage of it.

It's been 5 years already, let's gawp at Microsoft and Nokia's bloodbath


Re: Not far enough back.

By the way: I was here when this happened. I posted here before the fact how, when and why this was going to happen. If you can review my comments that far back you can see that I knew and I warned everyone who would listen.

If you suffered in this plot, at least I am blameless.


Not far enough back.

During his global farewell tour a lucky journalist asked Bill Gates about regrets. About retiring and aspirations not completed. He replied "I didn't beat Nokia." That was the inspiration for his successor to achieve the goal he could not.

Ballmer followed the example of Sendo documented here, where Microsoft's Marc Brown sat on the company's board and killed it from within. On his own retirement Nokia's chairman said that "American investors" had made it clear to him that he would appoint Microsoft's Elop as CEO or he would be replaced and Elop would get the seat anyway.

Before he even sat in that chair Elop had negotiated a compensation package structured in such a way that if he killed the company and sold its corpse to Microsoft, he would achieve the maximum personal benefit. He knew from the first day that was his objective: to get the price down to the point where Microsoft could buy it.

It collapsed the economy of Finland. The Finnish government retirement fund was nearly wiped out. I don't know why Finland didn't lock the lot of them up for industrial sabotage.

Lo and behold, Earth's special chemical cocktail for life seems to be pretty common


Re: So, why don't we still have dinosaurs?

Every day a new and innovative form of protolife is formed on Earth. And the highly competitive evolved life forms find them delicious.

It's 2018, and a webpage can still pwn your Windows PC – and apps can escape Hyper-V


So glad I don't have to work with this any more.

That's no moon... er, that's an asteroid. And it'll be your next and final home, spacefarer


The Heinlein story

It was an old story about youths in such a craft who had lost their parents and forgotten the mission.


Re: Life Aboard A Colony

It turns out that for certain paths through our solar system, Proxima Centauri is "down". With a gentle push many astroids could be put on such a path and gravity will do the rest.

It's just a matter of finding the paths and the most likely astroid to put on it. It is likely possible to do without any propulsion on board at all, using only paint to alter the albedo.

Mueller bombshell: 13 Russian 'troll factory' staffers charged with allegedly meddling in US presidential election


Re: I'm more blown away by THIS Bomshell....

It's a private hosted server with a private VPN. Not a shared service. Not sure why they needed boots on the ground for this, since you can do it on Amazon.


Re: I'm Confused Still

>Russian trolls were publishing things to social media but the conclusion is that this had no outcome on the US election.

That is not the conclusion. The conclusion is that the effect, or lack of effect, is neither proven nor alleged. Many people are deliberately conflating lack of evidence with evidence of lack, to carry their message that nothing came of it. That is a psychological operation, propaganda, that cynically trades on the general poor state of the average intellect.

It doesn't help that those with poor reasoning need little more than the hint to embrace the false conclusion and then share it far and wide as the Gospel Truth. But let's be adults here, just among ourselves. The conclusion that these efforts had no effect is not in this document release, nor in any other of the Special Prosecutor, nor of the wider Intelligence Community consensus. You made it up.

Nvidia reports record revenues in latest fiscal quarter


Still hard to get a decent GPU

Supply is constrained so either AMD and nVidia aren't charging enough or they're not building enough, or both.

Elon Musk's Tesla burns $675.3m in largest ever quarterly loss


An anecdote

I have a friend who has a Model 3 on order. Although he is eager to get his car, he is OK with waiting until "whenever it's ready." He wouldn't consider giving up his place in line.

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)


Re: Can't sell it, the battery's old and tired.

We'll send it at night.


Re: Orbit / Broadcast Longevity

Musk said 12 hours.

Exoplanets from another galaxy spotted – take that, Kepler fatigue!


A dash of salt

I expect this to be debunked shortly. 3.8 billion light years is just too far to see planets.

Microsoft works weekends to kill Intel's shoddy Spectre patch


Emergency patch issued to restore vulnerability

You really can't make this stuff up.

America restarts dodgy spying program – just as classified surveillance abuse memo emerges


Responsible observation

"That eavesdropping fits very squarely within the remit of FISA, which allows US spies to intercept the communications of American citizens if they are seen to be communicating with foreign intelligence targets."

Yes. When foreign spies are conspiring with your political candidates to overthrow your government, that is squarely within the remit of the "National Security Agency" by definition.

Now Meltdown patches are making industrial control systems lurch


Re: PLC / SCADA Software

If "Windows SCADA", or even just "SCADA" doesn't make you want to curl up in a ball, move to the woods and live in a yurt, then be thankful for your ignorance. It's one of the most frightful things about our industrial society.

Windows Store nixed Google Chrome 'app' hours after it went live



IE sucks. Microsoft Edge sucks. Bing sucks. Windows sucks. Objectively, they all suck. The purpose for IE and Edge in Windows is to preinstall an app that you can use to Google and install a decent browser.

You should search in Google with Chrome or Firefox, and it turns out you overwhelmingly do - Even though IE and Edge come preinstalled and Bing set as the default.

You should use Linux or BSD. And more do every day.

Los Alamos National Lab fires up 750-node RPi cluster


Probably the Pi Compute Module

It's a Pi on a SoDIMM. This is what it's for.


What employs half a million people, just did $44bn in sales, and rhymes with Azerbaijan?


Analyst miss

$.03? Instead of $.52? Amazon beat by 17x?

That's an oops.

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps



>After far too many shifts in direction, it also feels as if Microsoft's overall strategy is now more settled, giving developers more confidence that what they build today will not be wasted.

Until next time. Like all the times before.

What's HPE Next? Now it's unemployment for 'thousands' of staff


Clinging to share in a shrinking no-margin market

Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out what will happen here.

HPE quits cloud servers, two weeks after telling El Reg it wouldn't do that


>The Register has asked HPE to clarify its server plans and, if the company does so, we'll update this story or write a whole new one. ®

Probably the latter. If they say anything it will be a buzzword bingo flood again.

Raspberry Pi burning up? Microsoft's recipe can save it and AI


Pi 3 is fine

Microsoft is using it wrong, is all. Which isn't surprising.

For AI related chores we'll want to wait on Google's accelerator SOC.

Never mind the WPA2 drama... Details emerge of TPM key cockup that hits tonnes of devices


Besides state actors, who has the resources?

It's a kit. The kid next door is working on it between his online school assignments.


All your base are belong to us.

>Any one who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin." - John Von Neumann

Current state of trust: not trusted. As it should have been all along.

Between the two it's an all-hours data buffet in hacker land. Now add in the Intel AMT hack, and various others. I assure you that state actors have had access to this stuff for years and now the kids get to play.

You need precisely one compromised device on the corporate network and you own the whole thing. Your medical records? For sale. Your ballot box too. It isn't a question of whether the data is hacked but who first, how many and how often.

So glad I got out of the biz. It's a mess.

Elon Musk says Harry Potter and Bob the Builder will get SpaceX flying to Mars


You could tell he was having fun

There was a lot of interesting information. Much of which will be obsoleted.

Down in the comments though... one girl Really wants to go to Venus.

It's Patch Blues-day: Bad October Windows updates trigger BSODs


Some customers may have experienced issues

This is an auto-announce message that goes out on Crash Wednesday.

How many times can Microsoft kill Mobile?


Osborne Maneuver

"Perhaps instead of reiterating that W10M is a dead end, Microsoft could show what follows? It clearly doesn't feel ready to do that just yet. "

Two things:

1)Non disparagement clauses in contracts are enforceable, and pretty much are mandatory when you're trying to sell a partner on sinking their own treasure into your platform.

2)After Elop's excellent job crushing Nokia's potential, the Osborne Maneuver is front of mind. This is where you tell your customer that he would be stupid to buy your product becquse it's obsolete, while standing in a warehouse full of said obsolete product that you desperately need to sell.

Moon trumps Mars in new US space policy


Am I right?

No. You can simulate gravity using spinning just fine. Just like we do on Earth for high-g pilot training and, of course, centrifuge for various purposes.

As for sheltered habitat, the moon has capacious lava tubes available with ample space for a million inhabitants or more, and these likely have water ice in them.

Musk isn't interested in the moon because a) people have already been there and b) it's not far enough to be safe from various doomsday scenarios (comet, asteroid, plague, a Trump dynasty).

Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 – dumps Win 7, 8 out in the cold


If they cared about security at all

If they cared about security at all they wouldn't be using Windows.

HP Inc exec: Yes, we'll put a bullet in the X3 device


Re: For now it is way cheaper

The first hit is always free.

Oath-my-God: THREE! BILLION! Yahoo! accounts! hacked! in! 2013! – not! 'just!' 1bn!


Re: Destroying value

She has her detractors, but shareholders fared pretty well under her.

The axeman strikes again: Microsoft has real commitment issues



It would be more helpful to point out this tendency on the service or product's introduction or acquisition rather that in its obituary.

At last, someone's taking Apple to task for, uh, not turning on iPhone FM radio chips


As was pointed out by Apple today

IPhones don't have FM radios in them. Haven't for years. Since the FCC certified the iPhones they should know this.

Bless their hearts: Democrats want $40bn to spruce up America's bumpkin broadband



Easier than that: just expand the definition of "broadband" to include 9600 baud dialup. Done and done. That's the Pai plan, and costs nothing.

Brit chip design company Imagination Tech sold to China-linked private equity


No tears here.

They were a herd of jerks about IP, not at all Linux friendly. It was all secret sauce and no drivers for people who like to make their own stuff. Wouldn't touch a product with their IP in it with a barge pole, as it is guaranteed to not obey me.

iPhone 8: Apple has CPU cycles to burn


Re: Wasn't this fantastic GPU allegedly made...

@Dan 55

I hear there's an opening soon for White House Press Secretary. You should apply. You've got the right stuff.



Everyone knows police can't see minivans. So naturally they can't find them to add them to the fleet.


Re: Next step.

While rendering I have my wife put it in her pocket, and the frost proximity takes care of the rest.



Your phone doesn't go even one day without being on the charger? That's sad. Have you thought about getting one with more legs? I only charge my Moto G5 Plus every second day, and only while I'm sleeping.

Fresh chips from Intel (yay?) at 14nm (awww)


Re: 10nm is 45 atoms wide.

Any fool can tell you that's 44 too many.


Re: AC

That's an old tale. The news today is that Ryzen and Epyc are legit.

Bing fling sting: Apple dumps Microsoft search engine for Google


It's about time.

Inferior search results were not improving the premium of the products.

CCleaner targeted top tech companies in attempt to lift IP


Fitness for purpose

>It's not possible to determine what that was simply by looking at the rogue CCleaner.

And yet cleaning all the cr*p out of your Windows is in the name of the product.

Downloaded CCleaner lately? Oo, awks... it was stuffed with malware


Re: Meanwhile ...

Android and iOS have app isolation. That means an app scanner app could not possibly work because it can't access the other apps, nor the system. At most it can scan downloads.

If you're habituated to Windows so badly that it's inconceivable to operate a non-Windows mobile device without third party protection from the Windows design flaws it doesn't have, the Android app you didn't need can use whatever permissions you gave it to not fullfil its advertised purpose. It would follow then that you gave it all of them.

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?


Microsoft Browser

They can't even get it to run on all of their own operating systems, let alone the popular ones like Android and iOS. Total cross platform fail for an app developer, particularly for a freaking browser.

And of course like the rest of their stuff, total kludge.

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