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Asus Eee Box Atom-based desktop mini PC


Its a small business machine - thats the point

Everyone is missing the point its a small business machine.

I bought one for a gas station back office machine.

it is great, runs office 2007, IE and MS money, Excel 2007 thats all that is needed

replaced a really aging tower and even thought the specs aren't the best on the market it does the job. Perfect office machine. It came with the adapter to put on the back of the monitor. works like a charm, love it. and yes, we ran full screen .mov movies in Itunes/Quicktime and they play not a $2,000 video setup but its not needed for the role this machine will serve.

I see this replacing 10,000 of thousand of aging dell tower on corporate floors.

its perfect, takes no space, and does exactly what it needs to.



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