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'More than ever before' now studying Sci/Tech in Blighty

sarah hothersall

Sad but true

My son is in first year of 6th form and really loves science, engineering maths, so no fool. However trying to get some sort of work experience has proven that the UK does not value this sort of student. For the Headstart courses, fine if you want to be an accountant, lawyer, doctor, they will provide work experience at companies, but for engineering (one course for the WHOLE of engineering!!). Well, there's 30 places in THE WHOLE OF THE COUNTRY and even then, it's at a university, not a company.

So that's what we think of kids who are our future - go be an accountant, or a lawyer, but otherwise don't bother.

Should really sign off as p@@@ssed off of surburbia

Tories release MP office raid footage

sarah hothersall
Black Helicopters

Not quite sure which country we are living in

Can't believe this is happening. I thought the Opposition was called that because that's it's role. Had I read about this happening in Russia or China I'd probably shrug my shoulders with a smug comment about democracy and right to free speech - great fun trying to explain this to the kids. Still when people are more interested in who is going to be voted out of Z factor -- guess the government can do what they like.

Sorry, but I can't think of anything remotely witty to put about this - ho hum.

Attack helicoptor, cos that's what happening here

Lehman Excel snafu could cost Barclays dear

sarah hothersall

well, you CAN put version control around spreadsheets

Ok, so I admit I'm no techie, but from what I have read above, IF the spreadsheet had been sent to Barclays - amended/changed/whatever, then sent back to Lehmans, then re-sent to Barclays. IF they had change controls round the spreadsheet, they would have been able to compare the two versions - hidden sheets/hidden cells shown in all their glory. No one is superman (or woman) and can easily spot the changes made without a little help. So IF you are going to use spreadsheets, put the controls around them. It's not rock science. I could post which company I work for, but that would be tacky!!

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