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Blu-ray Disc a 'bag of hurt', says Jobs

marcus wallbank

Tru Blu fan

I have a 100+ Blu-rays a mixture of region A & B which I used to play on my PS3.

I just recently bought a Sony stand alone player for £250 from the Sony shop which I thought was bargain as I originally paid £500 pound for my first DVD player when they were first released.

People forget that dvd's cost £20+ when they were first released and I have never paid more than £14 any of the Blu-rays I have. The only place that sells disc for £25 is HMV or that strange Zavi shop.

Downloading films from the net is not a option for me as I can only get a 2mb connection in my area and I also like having the option of lending my disc to friends and family.



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