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Starship Voyager dumped into skip


Been around for years.. Back in the news again.. From what i remember last time around, the flat has had major issues. No-one will *ever* buy it and its all a bit too well "fitted" to be removed in a modular way afaik..

Best i reckon he can hope for is remove it as intact as possible, sell flat, and try to offload the graphic panelsand bits to enthusiats somewhere.

All of the pieces really are incredibly faithful reproductions, but at a couple, to a handful, of hundreds of pounds each, he's not going to make his 100-odd grand back thats for sure!

iMoney Accounting


"Expences"... "Octomber"?!!!

Trust these people with hosting, or even coming close to *any* kind of data relating to me..

I think not.

Airport baggage screener charged with stealing passengers' stuff


Top secrets??

judging by the type of people hes been stealing off.. maybe one of the laptops hes got comes with a free copy of 2.5million peoples adresses, bank acc numbers, top secret CIA hitlists, guantanamo door passcodes etc etc etc.

Bloke knocked up kebabs close to corpse couch

Thumb Up

@ Alistair Burns

give yourself a gold star - that was a moment of pure genius, i hope you feel smug. coffee, monitor, etc etc.

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