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Street View catches Finn with his pants down


Let me know your number, clearly you are up for it

While it may seem stange to some, being naked is not strange in finland. I remember going there to see my cousin, met him and about 6-8 other men (his parents and women, GFs, Wifes as well), we had a few drinks and they were polite to start with before we got into things, im black, or as is no longer PC halfjack, anyway them not having met a black and having low opinion of british men and most non nordic men they wanted to see if I really had finnish blood, so we went to the sauna and got naked, 8-10 of us and id diiddnr, in finland it would be rude not to ask another person to join you in a sauna. So finns are used to seeing naked people.

In finland being naked is not a big deal. In finland you have the right to walk in your house naked and sit in your backyard naked because it's your house, you own it and you can damm well sit were you like.

If someone wants to take a picture of you they damm well ask, if they don,t then at the least that it rude and if you are sitting in your land it's an invasion of your privacy. Walking past and seeing someone naked is one thing but if you take a picture, that is a deliberate act. GooGle is saying we have the right to put cameras around your house 24/7 and film you, that the issue for you dicks that think it is about a person not being dressed in a way you would aprove of.

and thats the reason why the finns think it is important.


BOFH: Unfriendly ghosts


Same shit again

Predictable and boring. The early stuff was good, the later stuff had a good story line, now it's "have a scam, have it discovered, have someone killed". I can't be bothered to wright more beyond BOFH has become shit, flame away.

On the good side, el reg seems to have got better with it's reporting over the last year.



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