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Oxbridge lectures now on iTunes

Barry Cornelius

iTunes not required for Oxford's podcasts

Anonymous Coward writes: "iTunes only runs under OSX and Windows, so those of us with a proper operating system are stuffed anyway. I don't particularly want to run one of those O/S's *and/or* iTunes at all. I just want free, simple, access to the files." Later he/she adds: "If it was MP3, then it would have been better."

The podcasts from the University of Oxford are being made available through two routes. If you have iTunes, then, yes, they can be accessed through iTunes U. If you are unable/unwilling to use iTunes, you just need a web browser and software to play the mp3/mp4 files. Links for both routes are provided at http://itunes.ox.ac.uk

I'll follow Julian's example: Declaration of interest - I was involved with the Oxford system.



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