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20 per cent of laptop buyers opted for netbooks in Q4 08


We got two Aspire Ones running Linux

and have been absolutely delighted. We used to take our 13" MacBooks everywhere, but now the Aspire Ones travel instead.

The Wife is happy with Linpus and Acer's consumer friendly front end, but I dropped Ubuntu's Netbook Remix on mine. All the hardware worked out of the box, it boots in one minute and no Microsoft software on it at all.

Best thing - we got two of the 8GB SSD, linux models for the same price we would have paid for of one XP 120GB models. I've never seen clearer evidence of the Microsoft tax.

These are very, very sweet - and economical - little computers. In fact we like them so much we're purchasing a third as it seems Acer is moving to the 10" screen.


Virgin Media calls foul on web speed testers


Virgin service down?

We've been down since our service was "upgraded" Thursday, Oct 9th. Nobody has a clue when we might be back up. One tech told us not to expect anything before Thursday, Oct 16th.

I asked why it we couldn't get through to technical support for hours, and he told me that "thousands had been disconnected" when Virgin migrated from one type of switching technology to another.

Apparently there is a third party company doing work for Virgin in BT premisis, and it's turned into a dogs dinner.

We're in E1 - anyone else impacted?

In any case, Virgin should get the basics right before trying to deploy more advanced stff.



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