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Radiation warning for low-energy lightbulbs

Les Ashton

The eyes have it (too)?

I have always been mildly myopic, although with healthy vision; but since the advent of low-energy bulbs I have noticed (i) a lengthening of the period of night-blindness after turning one off in an otherwise light-reduced room (as, faintly lit from a neighbouring room); and (ii) a prolonged flash similar to 'relief colour' inversion after having stared into a light source for some time; to get this, I do not have to have looked directly at the bulb for any time. The effect seems most pronounced with the drake's-willy variety of bulb. As I'm rising-72, perhaps some of this may be related to the aged gent who carries a scythe, and has such a dreadful taste in night-shirts; but the word 'radiation' does press a DEW buzzer for somone who remembers the first Cold War. Wodja reckon?



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