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El Reg seeks top net neologism


Call me old-fashioned,

- but I still like 'woot!'. As an expression of joy, it pretty much encapsulates 'whooping with joy' into a word in an almost onomatopoeic manner.

I also like 'Wiigii!'.

Recently, in the Dungeon's & Dragons Tiny Adventure application on Facebook, the following terms were born:

Mars'd (or marsed) - Indicates a string of bad luck, particularly in the realm of gaming and technology. Servers down? They've been Mars'd. Rolled a 1 nine times in a row in Iron Man? Totally Mars'd.

Jindra'd (jindraed) - The opposite of Mars'd.

And, the crème de la crème: Wibble!

If anyone can define 'wibble' for me, go ahead.

Beeb gets its rocks off in Second Life

Paris Hilton

Was this researched? The editor is where?

How can you be amused at the Beeb researching this subject, when the Reg's own column (by Destiny Wells) about second-sex-life was written nearly two years ago?

It's linked at the bottom of this article. It's written entirely in 'teen internet speak', complete with LOLs, BFs and Xcitement.


El Reg beats itself to reporting online kinks in media flagellation special.

Paris, because she forgets who she's 'talked about sex' with too.

Nokia's Trolltech Qt Software previews cross-platform IDE

Thumb Up

Gotta love 'Cute'

Of course, you could develop in a cross-platform manner before this, but this should make it easier. Hopefully Nokia's ownership will do nothing to dull Qt, only improve it and make it more mainstream (mainstream = better community, more investment by Nokia).

It would have been nice to have a longer article though, perhaps something saying 'Nokia bought Trolltech (blah blah) and it has been used by companies such as Google for-

well, you get the picture.

Gates dethroned as tech's richest get thumped


Think about it

If the big guys suddenly sold billions worth of investments and took the money out of the bank to redistribute it, what would happen?

The stock markets would show massive amounts of panic buying and the banks would show huge losses, promoting further collapse and chaos. There may be a few million, a tiny percentage of the population, who keep their houses. In comparison to the damage caused by the further collapse of stocks and banks, I cannot imagine it being worth it.

Redistribution of wealth isn't the answer right now. What seems to be needed before improvement can be seen is stability: 'we are as low as we are going to go, and now we can work on recovering'.

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