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Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals



this could spell disaster for the newly formed Hospedia (formerly Patientline)

if mobiles are accepted into all hospitals (some hospitals could still ban them)

as Hospedia makes most money out of the phone calls (they have promised to bring the charges down) and some out of the tv service. i wonder if they will go the same way as Patientline.

Verizon suspends staff for ogling Obama's phone bill


was suspended now FIRED!

they have now been fired! see here >>>>>>> hxxp://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081121-verizon-employees-suspended-after-peeping-obama-cell-records.html

Safari 3.2 update leaves Mac fanboys' balls in a spin


portable safari

i have created a portable version of safari and have had no problems so far ( I run it off a usb drive) i havent installed it so if it plays up ill just hit delete

MoD loses most of the armed forces


i would suggest

if the goverment/mod cant be assed encrypting there data i would suggest that they start buying secure pen drives ( like the iorn key with built in encryption/anti-tamper tech)

so even if the drive is misplaced the data will be safe.

it seems as though the mod/goverment will never learn from there mistakes and will cary on on there merry data loosing ways

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