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MPs battle to save great British pub

Ross Stewart

On Smoking

Fact: Pubs have lost some customers due to the smoking ban

Fact: Pubs have become better places to be since the smoking ban

This is all we can suppose about bars and smoking, as the implementation of the ban has prevented us from confirming whether the ban has had any direct effect on pub takings. If however the government were to grow some balls and introduce licensed smoking premises...

I can dream can't I?

Did TomTom test Microsoft's Linux patent lock-down?

Ross Stewart

Gotta be FAT!

FAT is being used because it's the only file system that is read/write supported on almost every operating system, something that TomTom require to allow users to update their database. They can't switch to a unix file system, as we all know that microsoft don't support other file systems than their own and no matter what we may think, Microsoft still own the Lion's share of the desktop/laptop PC market.

Clause 7 or not, this is a situation in which Microsoft really has them over a barrel: To meet their market they need to support Windows desktops, and to do that requires FAT. They've got nowhere to turn, with their only hope being that Microsoft's patent on FAT gets overturned.

Robert Llewellyn drops Red Dwarf clanger

Ross Stewart
Dead Vulture

There is hope

There's no reason to write the red dwarf series off yet. They're trying to do the right thing - for example, there no canned laughter in these specials - and to be fair, they're all writing original scripts for it (no copies of the dreadful "finishing" series books with the GELFs and all).

Hopefully they'll realise that this is their swansong and that if they get it wrong they genuinely will kill their own legacy.

Linux at 17 - What Windows promised to be

Ross Stewart

"Need a Geek"

The bottom line is that if you need a geek to help you on linux, you'll need a geek - even if only to hold your hand, as you have the confidence after several years of use - to help you on Windows, too.

Too many posters on here expecting things to just "work". Really makes me wonder what kind of readership el reg has been picking up recently...


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