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The outfit where the NHS England Digital boss is headed? Turns out their code is 'not technically suitable' for the £6.4m NHS App


Medical Apps

I have an app on my phone called Patient access which supposedly allows 4 different ways of interacting with your GP, but only if those options are turned on by the practice. Currently booking an appointment is all thats available on mine.

Signup and a recent change to the process of handling users both meant a very clumsy process to be navigated to get working access as well

Blame everything on 'computer error' – no one will contradict you


Only tenners?

If it was dispensing tenners instead of 20's I would have given it another go to see if requesting a tenner got me a 20 quid note in case the got the dispenser cassettes the wrong way round...

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange issues for users across Europe


aaaand the issues are back again today....

'Bio-hacker' embeds public transport ticket under his skin

Big Brother

Easy fix

Surely he could duct tape the card to his forehead, problem solved...

Microsoft cloud TITSUP: Skype, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, Hotmail down


Welcome to the cloud...

I wonder if they tried turning it off and on again

Smut shaming: Anonymous fights Islamic State... with porn


Downvote for using the daily fail as a reference

Lester Haines: RIP


RIP dude

Anti-cyber-attack biz Staminus is cyber-attacked, mocked by card-leaking tormentors


Their latest post on Twitter isnt claiming the credit card details are safe so I would say say plain text storage looks likely. Sueball incoming in 1...2...3...

DataGravity prez on layoffs: A little pruning doesn't hurt


Re: Take it easy

If there was a fundamental shift in the company there would be no harm in saying that he was making the changes for that reason, you will notice he didnt.

I think Chris got it right

'Blue light services will get 4G on London Tube!' Cool, how? 'Errrrm...'


Probably measured the same way all the coverage maps are by using a car with an external aerial to see if a signal can be received, so in the real world I would expect the figure to be much higher.

BBC News website takes New Year's Eve break


Here we go again

Looks like someone is having another go today

Gaming souk Steam spews credit card, personal info in Xmas Day security meltdown


I see UK users reporting the same issue on irc

If you can change your account pull the card details now!

Three mobile data network GOES TITSUP across Blighty


Only had 1 noticeable failure to connect this morning in the north of england

Tencent introduces slimmed-down wristjob TOS to swollen market


Nice to see that security was high on their priority list...

Marlinspike brings end-to-end crypto texts to iOS


Re: ????????


So long, Cyanogen! OnePlus says its future belongs to OxygenOS


Re: One Plus distraction

Go onto the website next tuesday and you can buy one, no invite required.

Mobe not-spots 'landmark deal'? We ain't thick, Javid


Network testing

It would be nice if Ofcom got someone to do the network testing with handsets rather than an external aerial bolted onto a car to check coverage, much more of a real world test.

Hello, Ello. Still no ads and no features to sell. What do? Bag $5.5m


They need to boost the servers...

I was trying to use it late this evening and it was mainly not working, which doesnt inspire confidence...

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks


Re: Stop bigging up Three!

Agreed, I have a an excellent calling plan after ringing Three to leave some years ago because they didnt have a handset I wanted to upgrade to, so I bought the handset I wanted and got a cheap plan for calls/text/data that is less than 6 quid a month, never used it anywhere near the limits it has.

I bought an iphone this week walked across to the Three shop and got a nano sim and my number ported across to it in 10 minutes, zero cost. The guy doing it smiled when he saw my details and said I couldnt get a cheaper plan unless they started paying me to use it... :-)

Looking forward to 4G being turned on here before the end of the year as well.

Always had decent service from their support lines as well on the few times I have had a query.

Apple's big bang: iPhone 6, ANOTHER iPhone 6 Plus and WATCH OUT


Re: Can I be first...

It is taken... :-(


Can I be first...

I'm calling for owners to be referred to as Watcholes...

Windows XP is finally DEAD, right? Er, not quite. Here's what to do if you're stuck with it


XP WILL be blamed

It will be interesting to see in the coming months how many times XP gets pointed to as the weak point in any hacks or data grabs. I would imagine there will be a fair few Freedom Of Information requests about the subject too...

Forget sledgehammers – crooks can CRACK ATMs with a TEXT


Watch the video, physical entry is simply a very simple key lock on the front of the machine...


Not just for Glasswipes: Google to drop SDK for all Android wearables


If only there was some sort of webpage where you could type in 4 letters and press enter and have such mysteries revealed to you...

COFFEE AND DANISH HELL: National ID system cockup forces insecure Java on Danes


"On the contrary - not all of us buy into the "java is insecure" rubbish that's peddled by the fanbois on El Reg."

So the 41 security fixes in this update arent really needed then cos Java is nice and secure according to you?

Universal Credit CRUNCHED: Dole handouts IT system to be rebuilt


What? You mean IDS lied about his big project?

I find that hard to belie... oh...

Microsoft's Nokia plan: WHACK APPLE AND GOOGLE


So, the final curtain has appeared, I will be sorry to see them go, but its been fairly apparent since Elop dropped the big one what was going to happen.

I think I will be sourcing my Nokia phones from ebay in the future, No interest in Winpho, i'll keep my N8 running for awhile maybe grab an 808 when that dies or even an N9 to have a play with.

The Old Reader drops Google refugee eviction plan


Too late

Too late, I moved to Feedly, I also cancelled my old reader account as they asked people to do.

The Old Reader evicts Google Reader refugees



The Old Reader was rather slow and clunky but i've been using it for a couple of months and it was useable, unfortunately I didnt make the cut and so I switched over to Feedly last night which seems to have improved a lot since I last looked at it, hopefully that will stay the pace.

Nokia tears wrapper off Lumia 1020 monster imaging mobe


Nice, can we have a symbian or maemo version please?

Microsoft: Someone gave us shot in the ARM by swallowing Surface tabs


Giving them away for good PR seems one route to lower stocks


Ground control to major strum: ISS's Hadfield sings Space Oddity


Nice work!

The guy has done an outstanding job at promoting the ISS during his rotation, I think he has earned lot of respect all over the world.

Google shreds Reader in new round of 'spring cleaning'



I read the news and was rather pissed off, as someone who is something of a news/information junkie Reader was a nice way to get through lots of feeds quickly and easily at work and home.

Now i'm thinking, why bother, get some time back and just ignore lots of the shit that passes for news these days and do something a little more productive...

BlackBerry booster Alicia Keys blames hacker for iPhone Twitter update


Re: Hacked my arse...

The EX-top man at Blackberry...

Ex-Nokians fish MeeGo out of bin, launch Sailfish OS

Thumb Up

I'll be keeping an eye on it, hope they get some decent hardware to run it on.

20 years of GSM digital mobile phones


Nokia N8

Nokia puts Symbian out to pasture ... why not release it into the wild?


Re: Big Shame....

Yep, if my N8 dies i'd get another or an 808 if they had dropped in price enough, dont really fancy lowering myself to a battery guzzling Android.

Motorola outs Razr phone with Intel Inside



Because Intel bunged em loads of cash to get one of their processors in a phone on the market?

Higgs boson chasers: Now only 1-in-300 MILLION chance we're wrong


Upgrades, they need a go faster stripe and larger rims to hit the sweet spot

Google falls for Web2.0 smoke signals from Wildfire


Maybe google is planning to try and attract facebook user to google+ a little more pro-actively...

Beeb stuffs $21tn into Olympic-sized swimming pools


Re: @Dazzz

We may have to ask for Lester to be punished for failing to comprehend a dumbed down BBC news story :-)


I thought the 21tn figure was the total offshored cash for the whole world not just brits?

Just a slight detail mind you...

Cyberoam pushes fix for SSL vuln


Presumably someone showed them how wrong they were...

Blighty laid bare as historic aerial snaps archive goes online


Its sort of working now, but a bit slow in places.

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s


I've had my N8 for a year if it does die i'd probably buy another one unless the Pureview drops a lot in price.

But its still sad to see Nokia in this sorry state, Windows Phone wasnt a good move, its lacking in features and even if it does eventually catch up with those other phones its going to be a couple of years before it gets any real traction if at all.

Global cop squad busts 36 credit card data-selling sites


"Our activities have saved business, online retailers and financial institutions potential fraud losses estimated at more than half a billion pounds, and at the same time protected thousands of individuals from the distress caused by being a victim of fraud or identity crime.”

My bullshit detector went off after reading that, do they use a similar system to record companies to evealuate the fraud they have prevented for some lovely PR gush?

Sage Pay card stroker goes titsup for NINE hours


Re: email list

Why, do you need to add some more friends on Linked-in?

Developer leaks Microsoft product plans for next two years


I'm sure Nokia will be chuffed with the yearly software updates... No honestly...

Visa dumps Global Payments after it flashed 1.5m US card numbers


Security, we've heard of it...

"It’s essential that every business that handles payment card information adhere to the highest standards to protect the security and privacy of cardholder information and remain vigilant over time," Visa said in an emailed statement.

Not sure how this stacks up with NFC visa cards giving out cardholder names and places like Amazon accepting orders based on the information gained from sniffing those cards


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