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London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones

Jonathan Ellis

Dump Question?

Why don't the police use one of their drones and fly it into the "hostile" drone? If Drones can cause problems with planes, surely a drone can cause a problem with another drone? Even if it's a £10K of damage to the police's drone then that's nothing in comparision to the problems at gatwick...

Good luck saying 'Sorry I'm late, I had to update my car's firmware'

Jonathan Ellis

Accepting an update takes about 8 seconds. Sitting there for no reason waiting for it to install however could well take hours... but heah, if people like to make up excuses about not going to meetings that's up to them.

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

Jonathan Ellis

What is the point?

Of course there is a point to the story. It's not the one about the American Police trying to prosecute a 16 year old, it's not about self posed photos are deemed pornography.

In my opinion this is one where the whole system has let this child down. Read again how this girl is an a foster situation. Now foster situations are usually symptomatic of a bigger problem. Either the child was removed from the parents or the parents were removed from the child. In either case it is no wonder that the child is wanting to be popular, and unfortunately the way that this kid thinks she can become popular is showing her body to others.

At no-point during this story (and yes I've read a couple of other sources) does it mention that the kid is going to be counciled, going to be shown why it's perhaps unhealthy to show your bits.

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