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BNP races to get membership list off the net


I Laughed at this one -

Mr C from Norfolk, who's 'interesting notes' are listed as: Window cleaner. Former pig farmer. Pagan prison chaplain. Hobbies: growing mistletoe, rune making (wood)

Unsurprisingly he had no email or mobile phone listed.

Maybe all those jokes about Norfolk people being inbred are true?

Main BBC channels to be broadcast live via web


What happens when......

....the man from the ministry comes calling because I've let my TV licence lapse. Do I let him in and say "yes my plasma screen is on the wall in the living room but I don't watch live TV on it, it's hooked up to my PC and I just use it to watch Iplayer/4onDemand etc etc"

Would he believe me? could I prove it?.....I think not

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