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Symantec swoops on Messagelabs

Terry Scoop

Dont agree with above.

A lot of the ML services already utilise best of breed items, some from Symantec. From what I have heard, they are purchasing the MessageLabs culture not the company. We all have used Symantec and their support and products on a personal level and they arent great, but most of these items reflect the Norton name not Symantec as a company. I personally think that they have a lot to learn from companies like MessageLabs and giving MessageLabs the funding will allow MessageLabs to consistently develop the brand.

Its not all as bad as it seems. Just hope that they keep the hard working dedicated staff and not switch to one of those yanky "have a nice day" scripted support centres.

Who knows, we should at least give them a chance to prove the critics wrong?!

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