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How the fate of the US economy rests on a Dell workstation


Pointless anyway

The predictions are the reason we're in the mess we're in. Simulations are based on idealised economic models. They don't pay attention to anything so irrelevant as real life trader action. They're great when everything's shiny but irrelevant as soon as something unexpected happens.

German man arrested after UK gamer's murder


Get a life

I love this talk of "reality" and "real life". Who put you in charge? Why is your pathetic little life "real" and someone else's not? Very strange form of bigotry.

Are today's developers more creative?


Developers express themselves like anybody else

Thanks to much of the boring work being done already in modern programming environments, that self expression is visible to end users instead of being exhausted trying to fit the designers "Oh, I've got 24 function keys" onto two lines of 80 characters in a meaningful way.

CherryPal out sweetens Apple with 2W, ultra-cheap PC

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UK fast food peppered with salt


@andy gibson

You might be a man; but are you also a student? You're meals 'as they come' contain huge amounts of salt. Salt tastes good and acts as a preservative hence the high quantities in not just junk food but also almost all prepared food. If you cook your own fresh food you only salt to flavour.

Burned by a MacBook


Sounds like you've been unlucky

It happens.

What's the story got to do with "Can you run a business using a MacBook? No, is my answer."?

Whole Foods CEO went after rival as a message board troll


Wtf is wrong with you people?

Nice post NotARegisterReporter.

Schools ban iPod cheaters


Nothing new...

I remember similar stories about the Sony Walkman and even radios.

I've got some sawdust: can I call it chocolate?


As long as some cocao solids, yes.

I think that, in the UK, you can use the term chocolate as long as the product has some cocao solids in it. Companies have been replacing the butter with vegetable fat for years.

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