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Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

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My two pence

Well i guess if all the idiots cant figure out how to use Vista Changing the name to Windows 7 and charging a little more for it is an ingenious money making strategy. If they cant figure out how to do a google search on how to turn off user account control they deserve it. But o dear you shouldn't turn off user account control as you wont be protected from yourself? Well I say if you used XP without it you can use vista without it too. Go get yourself a good firewall. And turn the crap off. You should never run anything Microsoft makes on the internet without a good firewall in my opinion XP 2K or anything. What Microsoft should do is embed a good firewall into the kernel like linux. And people that cant figure it out will just have to hire someone with a brain to set it up for them. There is something to be said for making somthing idiot proof. It is that when you finally do it only an idiot would use it. "User acount control" point in case!

Just my two cents

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