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NO! Radio broadcasters snub 'end of FM' DAB radio changeover


Friends don't let friends buy DAB

How do we prevent any switchover to DAB and the end of FM?

Write to our MP?

Ten four-bay NAS boxes


Synology user report

I have one of the fewer-bay Synology NAS devices (in the performance-enhanced '+' version), and the fan is fairly quiet (it runs non-stop in a main room of the house, and is not concealed behind a TV or anything). It is so quiet that I hear the hard drive when there is access.

I've been running it non-stop for probably two years now, so for me reliability is good. I don't have to perform any housekeeping or maintenance on it.

Hackers deface 'sinful' French Euromillions site


It really makes me upset seeing old ladies at the local newsagent patiently doing the lottery, clearly some of them really need money, and are putting so much hope in it. Not really related to this article or to the lottery, but more related to the sad state of affairs when living costs are so high and we're getting scr**ed for higher energy, fuel, food costs.

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


It does look like Apple have not obeyed the Court. The appeal judgement says :


Finally I should say something about the notice itself. We heard no discussion about that. Plainly Judge Birss's Schedule has been overtaken by events. Subject to anything that may be submitted by either side I would propose the following:

On 9th July 2012 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales ruled that Samsung Electronic (UK) Limited's Galaxy Tablet Computers, namely the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.7 do not infringe Apple's registered design No. 0000181607-0001. A copy of the full judgment of the High court is available on the following link [link given].

That Judgment has effect throughout the European Union and was upheld by the Court of Appeal on ….. A copy of the Court of Appeal's judgment is available on the following link […]. There is no injunction in respect of the registered design in force anywhere in Europe.


If Apple or Samsung didn't submit any other proposal to the court, then the website text does not equal the notice proposed by the court.

New iPod nano and touch: Lightning strikes again


If there is no analog line out, then that is a shame :-(

I'm not so sure Apple would use a traditional S/PDIF (hence some additional importance of the analog line out).

With the current iPods, there is a serial interface that needs to perform certificate-based authentication with third party hardware, before the digital output can be used. That authentication usually occurs with a small chip which for some peripherals is embedded in the connector (the video cables also have this chip in the connector, to prevent third party cables from functioning unless they pay Apple a fee for the chip and certificate).

For most of the music encodings I have, I'm not so sure that an external DAC cost will really improve my listening experience (I think it would just be diminishing returns), however the analog line out is a good compromise, especially in a car. The headphone out isn't good for connecting to an amplifier, it normally has higher noise and distortion than the analog line out.


Do the new connectors still have analog line out?

If the new connector does not have an analog line output, then I'll stick with my old iPod (I don't want to carry around a DAC for the times I plug it into an amplifier).

Amazon refuses Touchpad refunds after price slash frenzy


re Caveat Emptor

To the guy who had his HP Touchpads cancelled from two different suppliers; if you gave them your visa card details, then that is sufficient 'consideration' that they have to honour the contract. If they cannot, you are entitled to purchase from elsewhere (e.g. from Amazon at full price), and then claim the difference from the vendor who attempted to cancel on you.

I've done this in the past with one supplier (I forget the company but they were a networking product reseller) who took my card details, but then had my order on hold for two months. I purchased elsewhere at a higher cost, and claimed the difference by threatening to file a small claim.

Harman Kardon SB 16 soundbar


HDMI control is useful

I have a yamaha sound bar, it is not bad. It connects to a sony TV, and the HDMI interface is used to control the volume. That way the Sony remote sends signals over HDMI to directly control the sound bar.

IM what IM


OCS is nice at first glance if you have no voice experience..

OCS does proprietary stuff, so interworking to other devices requires media interworking to Microsoft's codec. It doesn't scale without more boxes. Their dial plan is a bit of a joke. Some believe OCS is ideal because it just needs Windows experience which many admins have, but actually installing and configuring something like Cisco callManager is a lot quicker, and is single-box solution.. OCS can be installed single-box but its not recommended.

Nokia lets operators screw with customise the N900


hopefully wipe the flash

Get used to re-flashing mobiles to get rid of branding

Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series

Thumb Up

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has made my day.

It's Time that Google forgot

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