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Apple probes poison-pumping Mac claim

Christoph Schneeberger

@Sam: not really...

I can't talk for the germans as swiss, but the thing (benzen) is called benzol round here and was used as solvent in all sorts of chemical processes, it smells much like marzipan and is very cancerogenic. Older people associate shoe glue with that smell since that's where it has been used ages ago. When you breath it, it gives a nice kick like alcohol first and then evolves to a bad headache (no i don't consume it, i was working in a plant in young years where benzol/benzen was used a lot).

The stuff is dangerous, the stuff definitely shouldn't come out of anything one takes home - no matter whichever crappy vendor sells it.

What worries me, is that said vendor (and probably others as well) is unable to deny or confirm that they use benzol or not in the production of their items, one would expect they had a clue what they have put in that shiny box when they made it...

Also, using benzol in a production line is a sign for cheap 3rd world production, since it should not be used anymore as solvent in production of plastics since years (because it is cancerogenic, while modern replacements are not).

Bottomline: if my gear starts smeeling sweet and marzipan-like after minutes or hours of operations, I throw it far-far away until it stops stinking, no matter what the logo on the box is.



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