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Stratus tolerates faults on Windows HPC

Denny Lane

"TheDude" ...time to look at Stratus again


As an employee of Stratus, I am sorry that you encountered problems with the ftServers you worked with in the past. Maybe it is time to look at them again.

Our products are designed to provide users with the highest availability possible for their most critical workload and deliver this solution in an operational simple fashion. This level of focus on availability is not for every customer nor every workload, just those that demand the most available systems in the market. As you may know we monitor the uptime (hardware & OS) of the thousands of ftServers installed around the world and it currently is 99.99990% - actual, not calculated. That's an average of 32 seconds of downtime with off the shelf Windows or Linux.

A couple points to update you on:

* Current models ship with the latest Intel Xeon quad core processors and 15K SAS hard disks

* Our systems are 4U ( 2 x 2U) which is the same as if you were to cluster two HP DL380 servers

* Pricing will vary depending on configuration, reseller, and geography. If you were to compare our system to the above mentioned HP cluster with shared storage - we would have about a 20% price premium. Most customers feel that is a small price for the higher availability and simpler operation than a cluster.

For any IT professional building an HPC cluster, either Windows or Linux, should consider using a fault tolerant server at the critical points like the Head and Broker nodes.

Denny Lane

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