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Sky is 'silly' to whine about HD for All

Robert Logan

BBCHD free (more or less)

You dont need a Sky HD Box for BBC HDef - you just need a sat box that will decode the HD broadcast.

I use a PACE DS810 XE - plug it in like your sky box and youll get the FTA sky channels and the BBC HD channel too.

80 quid on ebay - no subscription - though its not a PVR. But its worth the sports events, the top end shows - and gives you a chance to assess what you will be missing if Ofcom dont provide bwidth for HD to all of us who pay our licence fees. Flicking from the FA cup in HD to SD is shocking.

We dont need HD - like we didnt need colour - like we didnt need live broadcast - like we didnt need ... total arse.


Free BBC HD satellite TV service given green light

Robert Logan

Roll on FreesatHD

Ok - Ive got Sky+ and another box connected to my satellite dish (a Pace DS810 - 80 quid) that gets the one current free Hi-Def channel from the BBC - a testing channel called 'BBC HD'. The Pace box also gets the rest of the free to view channels save Ch4/5, and does a fine job.

Hearing that more HD channels will come thorugh my Pace box is excellent, and as for quality - just watch Planet Earth at full 1080i and then compare with SD - its breathtaking - the odd selection of HD stuff they are boradcasting on the test channel is sure to grow now Freesat has been agreed.

As for the EPG issue - well, Im curious as to why this Pace box doesnt at least have a good 7 day EPG for freeview channels like their 'Pace Twin' for freeview SD does.

I dont mind paying for a new box, as long as its not repeated every month.


Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 25 today

Robert Logan

The days

Started with a ZX80 - skipped the 81, and got me a 16K Speccy on release. Worked hard to buy it, and sods law - it was buggy - ended up with a 48K some time later after prices matched and my replacement box arrived.

Sigh - my experiences were monumental. My dad was a quantity surveyor and I coded up a program to do most of his calculations, then had to fight him for access as it saved him hours ... he had only just moved from Slide Rule to calculator.

Attic Attack ... superb, Elite - 'The' Game, so many, and so many jobs like cleaning the car and doing dishes to furnish my pocket money drain for games. Ant Attack - that wowed many for sure.

Then off to uni for a Comp Sci degree and havent looked back - and shock and awe, Clive Sinclairs son, Crispin, was at my uni ... looks the same!

Oh no - I became a geek due to that box.



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