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Nokia to shut down N-Gage

Annonymous Howard
Jobs Horns

i liked them

I still have my old ngage, and i love it.

I still have it as my backup phone... when my iphone/n97/e65 decide not to play the game, i break out the phone built for games :)

China spam crisis provokes researcher's ire

Annonymous Howard

Openssh: login failed for user [administrator]

@Michelle Knight, I get those pretty much hourly. It used to be funny, now i just sit in silence as these guys clutter up my log files before BFD catches them. It's not the chinese who are our major issue, its russia and africa... yes, africa has computers...

Great Australian Firewall may be optional

Annonymous Howard


I might like to point out that gambling websites where real money is used, is not allowed within australia. They have their rightful place on the list...

Mines the one with the login credentials for the offshore vpn in the pocket.

Western Digital slips todger to horrified Brit

Annonymous Howard


I wonder if WD will apologise for the cockup...

Mines the one with the power brick in the pocket.

Reg competition: Cisco goes isup

Annonymous Howard

the T virus

maybe resident evil is onto something... only, like symantec, got it all wrong...

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