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Watch quantum entanglement – IN REAL TIME


FTL comms NOT

Bernard d'Espagnat, a recognized physicist demonstrated that even though something can happen at faster than light speed, it is not possible to transmit any information through that process. I can't explain the details, but what he did wasn't a conjecture or an hypothesis but a real scientific demonstration (I guess according to current knowledge, of course...)

I believe he talks about it in this book : "Traité de physique et de philosophie" Fayard 2002.

here's the english version : http://www.amazon.com/Physics-Philosophy-Bernard-dEspagnat/dp/0691119643

It's an awesome read, even if you're not a physicist (I'm not !).

Emergency declared at second quake-wracked Japanese nuke plant

Jobs Horns

really ?

that's why they talk about a *radius*

is this a tech forum ??

Safari 5 off to Apple's traditional rough start



Plugins have always been a pain.

Use glimmerblocker, which is a kind of local proxy (but light and very efficient), and has been working flawlessly for me in between updates...

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad



They'll just say they've been pirated so much that no one paid to see their grand masterpiece...

Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho

Paris Hilton

grey matter

actually this was part of a Grey's Anatomy show,

so it's gotta be true !

Internet abuzz with BitTorrent bypass code


tracker keys

Or then, you have people subscribe to your tracker, so that you can discriminate them,

and you give out download keys that are linked to each user and embeded in the announce URL.

Many trackers do that already.

Then you can see who seems to be opening their torrents from all over the world every second...

Thumb Down

but of course

This is silly. As silly as patenting One click.

This is simply using the bittorrent protocole.

There are two ways to announce your IP to the tracker. Either you don't give any address, and the tracker assumes that the originating tcp/ip address is your address. Or you can give ANY address in the corresponding address field of the first request.

This has been possible since day one.

What this seedfucker does is that it's a script that connects to trackers and sends fake originating IPs.

It's VERY easy for trackers to protect from that. Simply look at the originating tcpip address, which CANNOT be faked. And ban anyone who sends you more than 2 or 3 different addresses...

And of course it can be exploited to give out government, majors, you name it, IP addresses :)

So to sum up my feeling, there is no exploit or any special thing here, only an idiot who wrote a huge script that fakes IPs. No hacking here.

Apple QuickTime update blocks media player bugs



you said :

"Three seconds with a well-known search engine reveal that Quicktime 7 is legacy software only run on Mac OS X 10.5.x and Windows"

Which is not the case. I have it installed on snow leopard, and it lives next to quicktime X.

Now, this *update* is for leopard, which is right, I was only pointing that QT7 could indeed be installed.


not exactly

You can install quicktime 7 over snow leopard, in order to use the advanced editing functions that are still lacking in quicktime X.

(toasted !)



Maybe you could give us a little more details about who needs this patch.

From what I understood, it's only for os versions < snow leopard, even for

people who installed quicktime 7 over 10.6.

But now you make me doubt, could you please update your article to reflect

this ?


Facebook enables apps to peek at mail



tell me, does this come from Marketing, by any chance ?

Audi's R8 goes all-electric



The news has been spreading very quickly here in france.

Why ? Because e-tron, if pronounced étron, means litteraly turd.

way to do guys, not a shitty car ! :)

Sarko boosts standing by standing in front of dwarves

Paris Hilton


I've actually seen him up close when he was still Neuilly's mayor.

I'm 1m64 and I will swear under oath that he was shorter than me, even with his

plateform shoes.

That'll make him at max 1m60 (1ft 3") but probably less...

Snow Leopard forces silent Flash downgrade


flash ads

I recommend the installation of "clickToFlash". It's a free plugin. So simple and efficient, all flash embeds are disabled by default, and only activate when you click on them.

brilliant !!

(And I'm not related to this piece of software).

Anyway, the guy responsible for this downgrade should have his urethra filled with sizzling spicy curry. (flame 'cos, you know...)

Pirate Bay users go overboard as new owners dangle cash



hey, the site wasn't any good to look at, many seeds were infected, descriptions were meeeh,

and most of all what would you expect from pirates ? Haaaaarrrrrrrr !

I'm actually happy that people have kept half their brains.

Makes me laugh about as much as when you see seeders whining about getting thanks for their uploads.

There was this joke in an old comics, someone said "wtf ? someone stole me the bike I stole this morning !!"


Sims 3 pirated 180,000 times in three days


billions and billions

"represents about $9 million in theoretical sales "

it's not even theoretical, do you know many people who would

buy a "buggy, pre-final build" with half the world missing." ?

so no loss here, move along :)

Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details

Paris Hilton


"it's not like she waited for her "beloved" cat to die of natural causes. She wrung its neck with her own hands once she decided to make a handbag out of it"

let's rephrase this :

"it's not like she waited for her "beloved" chicken to die of natural causes. She wrung its neck with her own hands once she decided to make a meal out of it"

"it's not like she waited for her "beloved" beef to die of natural causes. She wrung its neck with her own hands once she decided to make a steak out of it"

please guys, let's not be hypocrits...

paris, 'cos she knows how to wrang her kitty

Microsoft loses $200m in Texas Hold 'em up patent suit

Thumb Down


Actually, the problem with the US patent system as I understand it is that you're not sure 100% of any patent until you have defended and won it in court. Or, inversly, if you don't defend it, people can argue that you let others use it without suing, hence giving it away implicitely...

(see robert crumb and the keep on walkin' drawings/logos etc that he lost because of that)

Black hole swallows Barbarella rehash

Paris Hilton


do you think that one day american movies could happen someplace else than america ?

Like why do aliens, terrorists, tomatoes etc always pick a US city to attack ?

I guess they don't realise that, but it's a kind of laughingstock for the rest of the world :p

Paris 'cos she's explored places you've never dreamed of

Win 7 RC fails to thwart well-known hacker risk

Dead Vulture

autoplay disabled ??

well, I installed the RC yesterday and autoplay was checked by default for ALL types...

Maybe they meant to do that, but it was not done...

Check for youself !

Obama declares war on Ireland over tech tax avoidance


Delaware ?

What about Delaware where many american companies are registered and which bring the same kinds of benefits as thos foreign countries ?

How come Obama never talks about that uh ?

Hefty 'battle strength' electro-laser breaks 100kW barrier

Paris Hilton


This might be a silly question, but what about mirrors ?

can't you simply point it towards the emitter ?

How sturdy would it have to be, compared to any non reflexive material ?

Terabit Ethernet possibilities

Paris Hilton

1 TB ?

there is something I don't understand here

Everyone talks about the terabit possibility etc,

but for me 640 is closer to 500 than to 1000 (or 1024)...

they're still half way there, even though they're getting closer.

paris 'cos she also likes to pump things up

Missed flight woman goes absolutely mental

Dead Vulture

what if

what if it was a much sadder story that we think ?

She could have been fleeing some prostitution ring and be scared of getting killed for it,

or had to get there in time to give a lung (which we noticed worked quite well) or a kidney ?

Kaspersky breach exposes sensitive database, says hacker


not so great

Finally a way to complain about kaspersky !

I tried the evaluation version on a PC that had many trojans,

it found them then put them in quarantine.

There was NO way to delete from, NONE at all.

Then 24h later it thought "well, it seems there is no problem on this PC,

why not take the quarantine thingies out ?" and actually put them back !!!

I zapped the stupid antivirus and installed another one.

Such stupid way of dealing with problems sure had to surface someplace else !

Jumbo-jet sized 'SuperGigaFly' robo parachute tested

Paris Hilton


what about SpanishFly ?

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