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This year's DSLR stars

Tim Toh

Where is the COLOR reviewed?

There is one aspect always overlooked: the color fidelity. There is a staggering amount of information about every single technical aspect of the cameras, but no one bother to include a proper analysis of the level of accuracy in reproduction of colors. I want to buy (not that I don't have sevaral already) a camera wth which I can be sure that if I take a shoot of a blue/pink sky I'll get it exactly as I saw it, without artificially seasoning it with Photoshop.

So what camera sensors are most accurate? Waiting...

WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'

Tim Toh

What about KGB?

It seems quite funny to me, to charge and request extradition of foreign citizens who got second-hand information? What about KGB handlers, Stassi and all foreign organisations specifically created to spy on US? Then Russia would request the extradition in-masse of all CIA personal, whether in US or overseas. Then North Korea would request the extradition of Hillary Clinton as the end recipient of all secret information, and so on.

Blockbuster: DVD to Blu-ray shift slower than VHS to DVD

Tim Toh

HiDef of old movies?

What corporations are forgetting (and the public doesn't) is that the DVD was significantly cleaner than VHS, remastered movies looked much better.

The step from DVD to BluRay is not so significant. On top of that, nowadays you can find DVD players that upscale the normal DVDs resolution to HD, which is exactly what the studios would do to in order to re-issue the old movies to BluRay. So why bother?

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