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Virgin puts 'legal P2P' plans on ice


Isle of Man

I Imagine they are holding off to see if the Isle of Man p2p plan goes to ....er.....plan.

it wouldn't be much use charging for legal p2p if the uk gov just apes the isle of man and charges us a p2p *tax.

Countdown to Conficker activation begins

Dead Vulture

I wonder...

I’m intrigued to see what it does! Although I’ll probably be disappointed when all it does is steal bank details and DOS attacks on websites I’ve never heard of and don’t use.

German engineers punt 'open source' OLED-clad car



Are OLEDS bright enough to pass the minimum EU requirement for braking lights on a car?

Would you trust them in fog?

Coming soon: Pills to 'turn down' your ears at clubs



Ear plugs?

Isn’t the best solution just ear plugs? They are cheep, plentiful and instantly stop blocking your hearing when you take them out………………….

Will magnetic switching by light keep storage vendors spinning?


pew pew,

May I be the first to welcome our picosecond wielding lazer shooting overlords of immense memory?

HDTV 'pointless' without perfect peepers



What a non statement, and a pathetic attempt at drumming up business.

US prof undermines foundations of Aussie firewall

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So if the AZ Gov puts a firewall in place does one assume that any information/website/file that gets through the firewall is automatically checked and therefore legal?

If not isn’t it an admission that they cant filter the internet sufficiently to make the endeavour worthwhile?

UFO wind turbine prang site sealed



"That's so secret it's beyond above top secret, I'm afraid."

Surely that’s an admission that they in fact do have some secret alloy!!!

AMD claims 'fastest graphics supercomputer ever'

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Now does anyone have a pipe fat enough to deal with the huge amount of upstream and downstream goodness.

Might be good for gaming cafes, other than that i cant imagine it will have much appeal.

Powermat cuts ties with cabled power

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Excellent, can we put it under roads and power our Segway cars of the future??

Also how long till the daily mail picks up on this and purports to the “EVIL CANCER RAYS 2.0 coming to a MacDonald’s near you.”?

Ofcom warns telcos over hidden customer penalties

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get out of jail free card.

Feel free to not sign the updated TOC and get out of any contract you are in. I sure will.

Norfolk children get £310,000 of free laptops

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Great news

Free laptops for the underprivileged is a great example of good sending practise. Norfolk is a low wage county with relatively few opportunities for work and anything that can help motivate the future dolites in a different direction gets my vote.

Attack of the quarter-ton, 'fridge-sized' killer jellyfish

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Can I be the first to welcome our all powerful gelatinous overlords of the sea?

BOFH: The Christmas party


if only

Paintballs at work would be ........ugh.....i cant bring myself to think about it its too good.....urgrhghrghrhg

VoIP is coming to the iPod Touch


Jailbrake me

There have been similar apps out of a while for various iterations of the touch. This is just the first commercial one*

*read un jailbroken.

Vodafone launches in-store power pods



When my phone runs out I just take it into any phone shop and ask if they can plug it in for me!!!!!!

Now I'm going to have to pay........FFS

'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'



wow, shouty lot the Americans aren’t they?

I think that a few people might have forgotten this is a UK centric website, in England we never Mix Faith with politics.

Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

Paris Hilton

The good old days

@Solomon Grundy

'We''d all be living in our Mums basement and masturbating to the cover of Foxy.' aka the good ol days

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