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EU signs off on eCall emergency-phone-in-every-car plan


Re: Only a few minor issues to work through

re. 5, I'd guess "which side of road" is relevant for things like motorways and autobahns, where approaching from the wrong direction might then mean overshooting the accident, having to get to the next junction, and come back to the accident - thus taking more time and erasing all the benefit of swift notification...

US reality TV 'star' attacked fiancé with laptop, cat, apples


Kenley Penley

Good job they have fallen out - a marriage would've resulted in the name Kenley Penley.

Blighty orders first 3 supersonic stealth jumpjets

IT Angle


I assume that when they say "our pilots will gain an unrivalled understanding of this awesome aircraft and its capabilities." they mean "an unrivalled understanding outside the US" ?

X2 triplex supercopter gets tail-drive hooked up

Black Helicopters

How does it land?

Looking at that illustration of the X2, how does it land? It looks like wheels at (roughly) the midpoint, but it's not going to balance on those.

Usually there'd be a tail-wheel in this case, but there's none on the image, so the only other conclusion is that the back-end will rest on the edge of that fin. Seems odd, if nothing else...

Daft list names Firefox, Adobe and VMWare as top threats


No IE ?

And yet IE didn't make it onto the list?

Skiving Aussie fingered on Facebook


Feeling Old

My first thought was "Born in 87? He can't be old enough to work!"

Then I did the maths.

*Wow* do I feel old now...

Dell bundles free fresh air with PC

Paris Hilton


Surely the machine's better off without Norton anyway? (Although I'm willing to bet that it's still installed, just with the 30 day trial instead of full licence)

Paris, as she knows how to get most viruses (virii?)

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