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For Lenovo US, 8-inch Windows tablets are DEAD – long live 8-inch Windows tablets

Colin Gregory

Re: Why would anyone want Windows (especially 8) on a tablet?

I have the Dell Venue Pro 8, cheap, great little table and everything works. It replaced a Google Nexus 7 which I used for reading, internet surfing, watching videos on the move etc.

I found that with Android and Apple tablets, not all web pages would work properly, since using the Windows 8 tablet, no more issues, it came with office and I can install any Windows app I have. You don't have to use the app store.

This is not a device for work, but you could if you needed to, add a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you can.

TomTom GO 6000 satnav chews on smarties and tablets

Colin Gregory

I still use my old TomTom, was looking at upgrading to latest version, but they do not support the MiniLog 3rd party add-on. TomTom appear to be going the same way as Apple, our way is the only way.

I have started using Waze on my Android phone, I like the way I can send a link to my girlfriend so that she can see my progress as I drive the 100+ miles on a Friday night to go see her.

As the other chaps said, Sat-Nav on the phone, 1 device, 1 charger - works. (PS. Free)

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

Colin Gregory
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A non-Sony Sony product

I received mine last week and I have used it a least 3hrs a day.

I haven't even bothered to install the Sony software, so I've probably missed the worst part. If it is as bad as Sonic Stage then I can understand the dislike.

What has changed at Sony? You can copy a text file to the device through Windows explorer and it just works. I have played around with RTF, changed the font & size. Arial 14pt works well. I hope Sony does not decide to lock it down like the Kindle...only works with Amazon, or so I hear.

So what if a new model is released in the US next month, it will probably take a year for it to be released in the UK.

The black flash of the transition from one page to the next is to clear the page and prevent ghosting. I don't notice it anymore. This is a limitation of the technology, later versions will improve. Does anyone remember the first monochrome LCDs? Slow refresh, ghosting? I think these are at the same stage.

I used to use my HTC touch Dual for everything, Jack of all trade, master of none. I now have an iPod, a Tom Tom and now a Sony PRS-505.

The lanscape option is usefull if you load graphic novels (AKA Comics)


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