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Luke Skywalker's lightsabre goes on sale

Peter Perry

@ Steve Roswell

If you were truly geeky you'd know that it was mentioned in Timothy Zahn's heir to the Empre trilogy of novels :)

Yes, the hand was used to clone Luke, and the lightsaber was given to the clone, Luuke, after Luke defeated him he gave it to Mara Jade (an Emperor's Hand) who had been tasked to kill Luke by the dying Emperor via some fomr of remote Force communication. Worked out in the end though, Mara and Luke get married down the line.

To paraphrase Qui-Gon, "There's always a bigger geek".

Mine's the orange one with the Rebel X-Wing Pilot helmet.


Axon takes 100mpg wonder car for a spin

Peter Perry

Re: Photos and wheel arch covers

The wheel arch cover is nothing new, they had those on the old Citroën CX more than 30 years ago. But they had the advantage of having a removable section so it wasn't completely impossible to change a tyre/wheel on the back. Except it was really tricky if the car's hydro-pneumatic suspension had depressurised either due to failure or just settling after parking, which made the car 'hunker down' on it's haunches. Try changing the tyre on one when that happened.



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