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Samsung quietly lowers tablet graphics chip spec

Stuart Combellack

Don't buy the Wifi!

.. Just buy the 3G one instead for the same price!

O2 sell the 3G version for £299.

The Wifi version is £299. No brainer!

Better still, pop into PC world and price match against O2 getting an extra tenner off in the bargain.

At £289 the 3G Galaxy Tab has to be the best value tablet in the UK at the moment.

Samsung updates Galaxy S with two-core chip

Stuart Combellack

Niiice. Slightly inaccurate article, tho'.

I'm loving the looks of this phone!

Just to clear-up this article's inaccuracies, that Infineon part is a baseband processor, not an application SoC. See anandtech: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4177/samsungs-galaxy-s-ii-preliminary-performance-mali400-benchmarked/1 for a likely description of the actual processor this phone uses (was Samsung Orion, now called Exynos). Anand also takes the early phone sample for a benchmark spin.

Sales show WinPho 7 off to a flying start

Stuart Combellack

Win Pho7 != Win Mob 6.5

They are targeted at different markets. Phone 7 needs to compete with WebOS, Android, IOS. Not WinMo 6.5 (PDA's, embedded systems, etc.).

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live

Stuart Combellack

Yea. Oh, hang on.

ITV Player is a joke!

Games aren't cheaper; in fact they're often more expensive once they're a bit older, and don't work as well as the xbox versions.

And the article is about the PSN, which you agree has problems.

The rest of your points are a bit spurious.

Xbox has a choice of colours! it must be way better!

Stuart Combellack

Umm. Nope.

No demos for 'almost everything' at all! GT5? The biggest release of the year on PS3? Nope. Just by looking, I reckon 30% of games at best.

"literally minutes" updating? You're having a laugh, unless you mean 60 minutes. It has taken me a full hour on occasion to do the updates. Not to mention the separate updates for home, piccy viewer, games, etc. Etc. All of which interrupt whatever it was you wanted to do at the time with a minimum 10 minute wait. Compare the two platforms. The MS updates download and install at least 10 times faster.

The PSN plus account gives you jack all because you already get the ropey online gaming for free; why pay on PS? some extra game demos, background updating and some undetermined free content? How is that worth it?

Get your head out of the clouds.

Stuart Combellack

Yeah, I'll comment.

I'm lucky to have all of the current gen consoles with subs to Lovefilm, sky and sky movies.

The PSN video offering looks better on the surface, but in practice it's not that good!

LoveFilm is the best - although the video experience can be stuttery (I have a good 8MB ADSL) and the content is not that wide yet (they promise better). It's easy to navigate - I quite like it.

iPlayer is hard to navigate with the playstation controllers or remote - it uses the PS3 web browser (and that's nearly unusable). iPlayer on the Wii is actually preferable! It's easy to click on buttons with the Wiimote, you don't have to keep tabbing through buttons on each page (grr).

ITV and 4OD don't work properly at all. The ITV service looks like someone's holiday project with what seems to be about 5 programmes to stream (OK if you like corrie), and 4OD doesn't seem to want to actually play anything at all.

Contrast that to the 360. The look and feel of the Sky Player is the same as the rest of the xbox experience. There is plenty of content and I have never had any glitches. I'm a Movies subscriber so I get plenty of movies to play on demand (both new and old). I like it a lot.. And the kids like streaming nick jr.

On 360 I can get my videos, music and movies streamed from my Windows Media Center server with no fuss or hassle and codec support is a non-issue. Not so on the PS3.

On the PS3 you're unlikely to get demos of the latest games whereas on the 360 you're unlikely not to.

PS3 seems to want to update itself every time I turn it on and thanks to the Sony servers that takes aaaaages..

And when actually playing online games the difference shows. COD bombed out of games a lot more on the PS3 than the xbox.

I'm not having a complete downer on PS3 - cross platform games seem to (mostly) run about the same on both these days and the PS3 has some nice exclusives. Blu-ray is also a big bonus. But for their online offerings you have to give it to the xbox by a very significant margin.

Archos announces five Android tablets

Stuart Combellack

Samsung Galaxy S..

same + phone..

iPhone 4: Perfect for everyone, except humans

Stuart Combellack

Yep - I saw the same thing with my own eyes.

A colleague has a new iPhone 4. He brought it in today pleased as punch. I held it in my hand and it went from 4/5 bars of signal to "No Service" in a few seconds.

Epic Fail, Apple.

Software fix? I'm not sure, looks like a hardware problem when your hand bridges the antennas.

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