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Cashless Comet to close 41 stores, axe 500 jobs

Herr Ferret


"Maplins - I hope not, they are too good to fail"

You are joking right. That place is a metric shambles, they used to be amazing but do are nothing but a giant shed of last years expensive computer parts and whatever can be sourced cheap from china. I like the fact that they don't stock more than 3 Items, good luck building a stereo amplifier when they only have 3 speaker sockets. I usually have to visit two to get the required 4.

Voice changing megaphones, says it all really. They used to have fun kits for that sort of thing, now you can just buy the plastic tat version of the shelf. Bah.

Sysadmins: Your best tale of woe wins a PRIZE

Herr Ferret

Tidying the Sysadmins Office

A long time ago in the mists of time, when I was a lot fresher faced and could stand windows server support, my job was to support the IT manager, and cover for him when he was on meetings. This was in a quite well known high street name, so I thought they would be 'Super professional'. Oh was I wrong!

Other than that, my job was to perform backups while having a nap, and to repair suspiciously broken laptops (They broke whenever another staff member got a better laptop than another, so you had to replace them all at the same time, or a week later we would get lots of 'Whoops, look what I did' with laptops). At one point I was shouted at for replacing a 'whoops' laptop, not with a new one, but with a different one that I had repaired. It lasted about a week until it too was returned, utterly destroyed.

My manager however was a horder, and his massive office was floor to ceiling with junk. It was epic, with small paths through it and if you touched anything it wobbled. The IT manager left for a weeks holiday, and I came into work to see a skip, parked under his window. It was wonderfully placed so that items could be dropped/bombed out of his 3rd floor office. I got quite excited with the prospect of some legitimate destruction. All the directors had ordered it on the sly, with the intent that I clear out his room, and then suffer the wrath upon his return.

I had an awesome afternoon making some serious noise, other staff helped. Whooping occured. His whole room went in that skip apart from his desktop, his cup and 3 files marked alphabetically. Upon his return he went mentalcakes.

I dodged the bullet by showing him the small pile of shrink wrapped 286 PCs, that he had lost 10 years previously. Probably about 4 - 5 thousand pounds worth of kit he had 'Forgotten' in his homemade saarlac pit of an office. This wasn't to be mentioned ever again. I got a good reference when I left to a better, less windowsy job!

Netflix Europe debut set for January 2012

Herr Ferret


Does Lovefilm not count? Its not as good i am sure but I was using it last month. Only canceled as I seem to have watched all the films on the service that weren't awful.

News of the World TO CLOSE

Herr Ferret

And nothing of value was lost

It won't be mourned, what a dirty little rag that newspaper became.

No need for speed, says Oz communications shadow

Herr Ferret

Meh? IPTV?

No Useful IPTV in the UK?.. Maybe not, I hear iPlayer is pretty popular with the kids though. And the adults. And pretty much everyone.

i am on a 10 MB Connection. It just about suffices now, anything less is pretty painful, especially when watching an iPlayer stream from my PS3..

Yes you can use a slower connection, but then you always have to hit the 'Looks like smeared mud' setting on all the videos. No thanks.. I have 1080 res monitors for a reason

Atek Logio password storage gadget

Herr Ferret
Thumb Down

Palm and Keyring

Get yourself and old palm and install Keyring on it.

Works better and doesn't look like you would get it free in a cracker

Gary Glitter expelled from GCSE paper

Herr Ferret

What.. Wha.. Cough?

Was this the exam for rewriting history GCSE? You can't pretend that one of the most popular british entertainers didn't exist because of his malodourous penchant for meddling with minors.

Pssh. Imagine when they finally get their GCSE music they will be unemployable in the light entertainment trade, probably joining all the modern media students under a local underpass busking.

Science Guy, Because he is feeling blue like me after reading this.

"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it."

George Santayana and my GCSE History teacher.

Berlin bans handy iPhone metro app

Herr Ferret

Weird News

I have been using a great palm application called Metro in berlin for years. Works a treat, wonder why it slipped under the radar?

Very weak sauce BVG. They never will release an app as it won't run on windows, like the crashtastic ticket machines.

EFF sues Dubya over warrantless surveillance

Herr Ferret

What dirty bomb?

Sure, however it will be probably used to spy on normal folks and use it to profile people for crimes.

Ok, chose either the chance of a remote chance dirty bomb going of and killing 50 to 100 people or living in a totalitarian state where every movement is watched and monitored.

I chose the risk, even if I was to die the horrible death cause by this weapon. Good old ben franking said it best

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

The US is ruled by fear, driven in a large part by the republican party, as they know that fear and distrust is the best way to keep themselves in power and thier special interest lobbyists in job


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