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77 per cent ignore company social media policies

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Re: Using social media to learn?


Ignore the crap and other nonsense, as much as you can and get to the meat of the matter. Too much garbage out there otherwise. Like PrivateCitizen noted, filter what you can.

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Re: Using social media to learn?


Give LinkedIn a couple of more shots, it has worked (at times) for me. Sometimes folks who know the answer will respond but sometimes you get no reply as they are too busy working (or they think someone else will respond).

Or only want to post their own material, ignoring others...

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS

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padlock image

Yep, pad lock image is one of the reasons why more companies moved to Extended Validation and why "MORE" need to do something better... If only DNSSEC were a bit better and "more" companies used it - that would help too...

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Snowden, the thief

Ahhh, Snowden, our fav pal whom we want to see come back to the good ole U.S. of A....

You must have meant "what he could steal" rather than "what he knew".... right?

But yes, he could only access so much, even with the borrowed CAC that he borrowed from a mate who should not have loaned it to Snowden (that is, if he loaned and Snowden didn't snatch it).

WD’s revenue wheels have fallen off. Profits are sinking, too

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Re: So, if an enterprise buys ten 200GB SSDs it could then choose not to buy fifty 200GB HDDs.

There is still need for HDD in some corporations. Some, such as Google use them for (seriously) large data storage resulting from cloud content. Don't let the title fool you but check out:


And what's more, they want more platters per HDD for failover reasons. Strategically, there is still some validity in HDD... But not for home use, I would not go back to HDD - SSD is the best path forward (at this point until something better comes along).

New Windows virus attacks PHP, HTML, and ASP scripts

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Can we just have more real conversations with less continual flaming and inanities? Some real dialogue? Please.

Many of us are starting discontinue reading the comments because there is just more and more unsubstantial comments making it a waste of time trying to find constructive data from the real info sec professionals who might be posting and/or reading The Reg's articles.



Chinese manned spaceshot set for 25 September

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Chinese spacewalk

Yes indeed. They may be late to the party but they are there now and it should scare the bejeesus out of everyone.

The Chinese leadership want to dominate (yes, they are trying to be capitalists as well). Think back to their laser shot into space.

Now think about them having a space based laser shooting back down to earth.

Anyone laughing now....


This is no longer fun and games. Russia now has money again, and they are going to up the space ante.

At the pace China is going, they very well may have a moon base before we do.

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