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Linux kernel purged of five-year-old root access bug

Timothy Bogart

Thank you for saving me the trouble

Yeah, geez, requires local access to machine. And the Windows wankers still don't even understand the glory of NT gaining it's acceptance into US gov procurment circles by passing the security tests for a server - by not being hooked to a network.

Once again proving the evolutionary advantage of have the palm of your hand the exact size of your forehead ....


Microsoft's new search - Built on open-source

Timothy Bogart

First product to ship with open source?

So why doesn't the GPL'd code in Services for Unix count ?


Is Google's culture grab unstoppable?

Timothy Bogart
Gates Horns


Lets see now, a competitor would have to find funds to set up a similar service and work out licensing with the copyright holders. In other words, 'pay itself' to do the work ...

Which is just what you are describing Google as doing.

Come on folks, being successful is not the same as being a monopoly. We have an excellent example of THAT to measure against



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