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Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 25 today

Craig Mansfield

Glory Days

People just wont understand the magnitude of the spekky's release.

I came home from primary school for lunch, and my dad showed me what looked like a magical box of promise.

I believe the game that shipped with it was called, "Brickabrack" it was colour and it had sound (mono through the tv's mono speaker)

Games loaded on analogue cassette and made strange noises.

Games like "Jetpack" and "Sabre Wolf" were incredible to a child with nothing else but a knackered caser and a grifter to play with. (unless u found some matches or porn)

The people who fell in love with the promise this machine gave, went on to create the multi million colour, real time light sourcing, fully 3D co-op games you take for granted today.

The same people would look at a yellow and black line drawing of a helicoptor, that took 8 minutes to load (before crashing) and wish, "maybe one day it will look real and really move".

Addictive games on a 48k machine (smaller than an average jpg file)

To this day I remember how it smelled, fresh out the box, the sound of the polystyrene blocks, the keys (Daley Thompson's Decathlon helped too, start of my RSI right there)

And I remember feeling like a kempston came off a space craft.

Young uns have NO fooking idea just how special a time it was, and I had to go back to school to get shouted at and called stupid for another 7 or 8 years.

The ZX Spectrum to me, was like life beginning, wonder, education, promise, fun hahaha love!

The Cheeta Drum Machine!? that was the shiznit!!!

48k????? Genius!!




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