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UK.gov decides best form of cyber defence is attack

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"How exactly do you think chip and pin works? The INTERNET !== WWW"

Wait, so you're suggesting that GCHQ would not just be monitoring our Internet communications but also every Chip and Pin Transaction too???? And those terrorists in Pakistan they have access, not just to the Internet, but also into the Chip and Pin network?

Devilishly cunning those terrorists.

Ivana Chagalot

£53 billion

"Worldwide online fraud is estimated at £53bn. Logistics, utilities and communications all depend on the internet to varying degrees."

Amazon, the worlds biggest online store has a turnover of £12 billion. So what they're saying there makes absolutely no sense. You're telling me that the fraud is 4 times bigger than the worlds dominant internet store?

"The other point made was that this was not about esoteric online-only attacks - 90 per cent of UK high street transactions are online in some sense. "

How are HIGH STREET transactions ONLINE? If you mean the restock order from the shop to the warehouse? And what is your attack scenario for these terrorists for that? And how do you intend to protect against that?

Sounds like they want IMP justified a different way...

I'm very sorry, says gay health warning clergyman

Ivana Chagalot

Lighten up

Is he not entitled to an opinion?

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

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Seize Kentucky assets to the same value

WTO already ruled USA's anti gambling ban illegal, (because they permit domestic gambling).

Cayman islands is apparently a dumping ground for a lot of USA bank assets that the banks didn't want disclosed to the US regulators. So any Cayman islands company should be able to grab those assets as compensation for what they've lost.

I bet Kentucky has a lot of state pensions invested abroad, investments, funds etc. that could be seized as compensation.

Fines all round! EU blames everybody for illegal employment

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"Dont think of a subcontracting chain as a piece of string, ie two ends, think of it as a chain of events, with only one End (a start, supremarket places order, and end, supplier fulfills order), IE Top Down responsibility, You are responsible for the actions you cause to be carried out, by a sub contractor."

Cause? My subcontract says nothing about employing illegal labour to make my own brand lasagne. This 'cause' thing you speak of, is it some sort of mind meld? Some sort of telepathy?

Ying ying ying....employ illegal labour.... ying ying ying.

I mock, subcontractors have free choice and you are not responsible for the acts of others. If there was some offence committed by the supermarket, there needs to be a law that addresses their part, and a judicial process against *them*.

If the contract said they were required to employ illegal labour it would be void, or the subcontractor could sue to recover any fine.

That clause should be removed, it is not compatible with the right to justice.

Secondly, the clause that says "this law does not apply to workers from the EU", this should have "and their families" added to it.

HP loads PC with nonexistent web browser

Ivana Chagalot

Firefox is great, turfers are shite

"HP is telling me here that they don't trust Firefox to play nicely. "

If Internet Explorer is safer then why didn't HP offer Internet Explorer as their safe solution? Your logic is of the same quality as the logic used to design Internet Explorer, take that how you will. :)

MS confirms European Xbox 360 price cuts

Ivana Chagalot

@re: It's not a flop, honest

"PS2 has done, to date, somewhere in the region of 120 million units worldwide: concurrently its price in the UK has dropped from about £300 to about £80. If Ivana reckons PS2 was a failure, one wonders what in her book would constitute success..."

Talk among yourselves all you like, XBox is not the best seller and they would not be discounting if it was selling.

So either they're discounting to try to improve the volume or they're clearing old stock to make way for a new version.

Ivana Chagalot

It's not a flop honest!

"Neil Thompson, Senior Regional Director for Microsoft UK, said the cut was possible thanks to global sales of over 20m Xbox 360 consoles so far. “We are now able to pass on the rewards of that success to the consumer with a new retail pricing,"

Unlikely, companies don't cut the price of products that sell well, more likely it's sales are falling and the price cut is intended to help it. Or perhaps you're introducing a new model and cutting the price on the old model to clear it and so that retailers aren't left with old stock at the same price as the new model.


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