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EMC gets social to push storage

Alex McDonald
Paris Hilton

Well, it got you a few paras

and like a mug I read it...

I can't wait for EMC's next blitz on this new fangled social media stuff. It's more entertaining than the products themselves! Perhaps the next EMC blitz will be Undertake the Past.

Paris, because she knows a thing or two about tachyons.

Intel refutes SSD slowdown accusation

Alex McDonald

Are you sure you got that right?

@Steven Jones

Uh, help me here. Got to disagree, because that's not what happens with random writes. The *best* access patterns are those with lots of small, random updates, because the system turns those into sequential writes in new space; ONTAP doesn't overwrite blocks.

And for fragmnatation (which any fule no happens on any highly utilised system) there's reallocation; a background, user-schedulable process that "defrags". I'd like to see your proposal for avoiding fragmentation. You could make a fortune...

LeftHand gets added VMware va-va-voom

Alex McDonald

I *know* this is wrong


The company's marketing VP, Larry Cormier, ... contrasts NetApp and LeftHand cloning approaches: "NetApp's FlexClone is file-based. Ours is block-based. The (VDI) data looks more like a database than a file."


I beg to differ. NetApp's deduplication is block based, not file based. FlexClone is a block based zero capacity technology. It doesn't deduplicate data because it doesn't duplicate it in the first place.

Disclosure; NetApp employee

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